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Best Gay Bars in Berlin: The Hedonistic City

Berlins gay scene is insane (in a good way) by most countries’ standards! There is something for everyone and everyone is welcome.

It’s worth pointing out that Berlin is well known for its positive and ‘matter of fact’ attitude when it comes to getting intimate so don’t be surprised to find a dark room and cruising area as standard in most gay bars and gay clubs in Berlin.

We have split this post into two parts: the first half focused on the more typical gays bar in Berlin before moving on to the gay cruising bars in Berlin – this is probably the route your night will take after all!

We have a full gay guide to Berlin you should also check out.

Here are some of our favourite gay bars in Berlin to visit – let us know your favorite recommendations:

Gay Area of Berlin

You could feasibly say the entire city, however the ‘official’ gay area of Berlin is Schöneberg whose LGBT community dates back to the 1920s! Of course, this is where many of the gay bars in Berlin can be found.

However, unlike most cities, you will still find a gay scene elsewhere including Kreuzberg/Friedrichshain and Prenzlauer Berg/Berlin Mitte.

Best Gay Bars in Berlin

1) Prinzknecht

This is one of the go to bars for most people to start their night, especially since they often have 2-4-1 drinks specials.

The crowd here is quite mixed but tends to be slightly older. They do play a huge variety of music and we somehow managed to get them to play back to back Ariana followed by Cher which seem a bit out of place but made us happy!

The main thing about this bar for us was that it was fun, friendly and gave off good vibes. Oh, and there is a small dark room/cruising area downstairs (of course).

Address: Fuggerstraße 33, 10777 Berlin, Germany

2) GMF

gay berlin guide and best gay bars berlin

The boys of GMF

GMF is the place to have a big, fun filled dance night out on a Sunday.

They usually have multiple rooms catering for different music tastes so we were very happy to get our Little Mix fix even though we weren’t expecting it in Berlin!

They have everything from pop rooms to techno and everything inbetween – if you are with a mixed group check this one out.

Each Sunday has a slightly different theme, check out their Facebook page for upcoming parties.

GMF also ran the main, biggest and best pride parties over Berlin Pride.

Address: Ritterstraße 26, 10969 Berlin, Germany

3) Hafan

This bar is a little bit more casual to ease you in to the gay scene here in Berlin.

It is in the heart of Schöneberg and is a popular gay bar with regular events, parties and quiz shows.

Address: Motzstraße 19, 10777 Berlin, Germany

4) Blond

The gay bar in Berlin describes itself as a Coffeebar during the daytime and a cocktail bar during the nighttime with over 80 cocktails available.

They have music, events and a comfy ‘retro gay’ atmosphere. If you want something low-key and fun, check out Blond.

Address: Eisenacher Str.3a, 10777 Berlin, Germany

5) Toy Boy Bar

This gay bar in Berlin attracts a mixed but typoically younger crowd and is in the heart of the gay are of Schöneberg.

Address: Eisenacher Str. 3A, 10777 Berlin, Germany

6) Heile Welt

This is one of the more relaxed gays bars in Berlin and is deemed more of a ‘gay cafe bar’.

Great for pre-drinks before you head out.

Address: Motzstraße 5, 10777 Berlin, Germany

More Gay Bars in Berlin…

Start with the bars above and if you need more then there are many more to choose from including Redgold1, Pinocchio,  TABASCO, Dreizehn, Tramp’s, and K6.

Gay Cruising Bars Berlin

We thought a s*x club or cruising bar would be incredibly intimidating but because of the open culture here, it felt very relaxed and normal!

If you are from a ‘prudish’ country like us set your worries aside and check one out!

It’s a life experience and of course you don’t have to do anything – all these bars and clubs still have a completely separate bar and drinking area where you can just sit and chat to the locals, who are all extremely friendly! 

1) Club Connection

This is a large gay cruising club/bar which starts with a bar and dancefloor before moving down to the lower levels where all the action happens. Expect anything you can imagine.

This is one for a Friday when they have drinks offers on.

2) Toms Bar

Toms Bar is extremely popular on Mondays (when most other places are shut).

It had a surprisingly diverse crowd which was good to see! The upstairs is a well-lit, very social bar to sit and chat. Downstairs they have lots of much darker areas to explore and have your fun.

3) Mutschmanns

 best gay bars berlin

Check out Mutschmanns on a Wednesday

Mutschmanns is very busy on a Wednesday, attracting a very mixed crowd. For €5 you get entry and 2 drinks vouchers.

Like most of the bars, upstairs is mainly for sitting and chatting and downstairs for everything else.

4) Kit Kat Club

Not officially a gay club, but well known for its risque parties welcoming all sexualities.

Keep a check on their websites for their gay nights (Revolver) which we heard are well worth a visit.

5) Lab-oratory

We did not make it here but got told about it time and time again by people we met during Berlin Pride.

Lab-oratory is underneath the well-known Berghain Club and to access it you must walk past the queue for people wanting to get into Berghain, find the door for Lab-oratory and knock.

On entry, change into your outfit (some nights have themes), your clothes will be taken away and a number written on your shoulder for your bar tab.

From what we have been told, this is an all-out, anything goes kind of place.

More gay cruising bars in Berlin….

This is just the tip of the iceberg! The ones we have listed are among the most popular and a good place to start. There are so many more to check out in Berlin!

Looking for somewhere to stay? Check out our full guide to gay hotels in Berlin or do your own search below:

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