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Best Gay Circuit Parties Worldwide!

Before we get onto our list of the best gay circuit parties around the world, first things first…

What is a Gay Circuit Party?

A gay circuit party is typically a huge scale event with the hottest DJs, hot dancers and out of this world staging and production.

Gay circuit parties attract thousands of predominantly gay men for either one off blow out events through to week-long circuit events with parties every day and night.

Imagine a gay super club, double it, let everyone wear whatever the hell they like (as little as they like), get the music pumping, the staging up, add some fireworks and you are looking at a gay circuit party.

In a word, a gay circuit party is an EXPERIENCE.

They have become an important part of gay culture for many and some double up as fundraising events for LGBTQ charities.

Who goes to a Gay Circuit Party?

One of the attractions to these parties is that many gay guys follow these parties around the world and with that comes a sense of community seeing familiar faces at each event.

We have found this to be true and it’s always nice to bump into past acquaintances as well as make some new ones.

Everyone is welcome to these parties; however, you will find that the attendees are predominantly gay men and if you believe the pictures, everyone has a six pack and ‘that body’ which can be intimidating.

Whilst it is true that there is a much higher proportion of ‘stereotypically’ attractive, adonis type men at gay circuit parties – we have seen all shapes and sizes, all wearing whatever they want, having fun and dancing the night away: we celebrate body diversity and encourage everyone to go for it!

What to wear to a Gay Circuit Party?!

gay circuit party

Anything and nothing.

There will be people in tiny shorts, swimwear, harnesses or simply just a jockstrap, socks and high tops.

Fundamentally, you can just wear whatever makes you feel good and comfortable and there is no judgement. This is one of the things we really love about these sorts of events.

It is also common for there to be themes such as white party themes or army themes etc.

Here are some easy options to pick up from for your next gay circuit party:

Best Gay Circuit Parties Worldwide

Xlsior Mykonos (Greece)

gay circuit party

Perhaps one of the most well-known gay circuit parties worldwide, Xlsior Mykonos started in 2009 on the beautiful and super gay island of Mykonos.

Xlsior Mykonos runs for a full week in August with day time and night time circuit parties throughout, from pool parties at beach clubs to huge open-air stages.

The scale of the parties, the production value, the guys, the gay bars in Mykonos and the island itself are all out of this world.

If you want a circuit party with style, check out Xlsior Mykonos.

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Arena Festival Mexico

gay circuit party mexico

Image credit: Arena Facebook page

Imagine everything we have described but the main party of the week is held deep in the jungle surrounded by beautiful cenotes!

Arena is Mexico’s biggest gay and lesbian dance music festival, and celebrates each year in Playa del Carmen right on the Riviera Maya for a full week.

Like most gay circuit parties, you can expect to see go-go dancers, drag performers, fire acts, incredible decorations and stylish venues. The organisers really go to town to make sure that you are wowed!

Each day/night is normally hosted by one of the other big names such as Xlsior or WE Party Madrid (below).

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WE Party Festival Madrid (Spain)

gay circuit party madrid

Madrid is our favourite gay destination in Europe with some of the best gay nightlife, add in the WE Party group to the mix and you are in for a real treat.

Each year, WE Party holds a week-long mix of circuit party events during Madrid Pride (July) and then a big WE New Year Festival in December to finish off the year.

With stunning go-go dancers, entertainment, LED screens, the latest sound and lighting systems all hosted in the best clubs of Madrid, this is a circuit event like none other.

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Circuit Barcelona (Spain)

gay circuit party in barcelona

For a week (or more) each August Circuit Barcelona (by the Matinee Group) attracts thousands of guys from all over the world for one of the biggest gay circuit parties around with over 70,000 visitors!

One of the most well known and unique events for Circuit Barcelona is the Waterpark party – a full circuit party at the local Waterpark, it is incredible to see!

Party hard through the night and then spend the day chilling on the gay beach in Barcelona of the nearby (super gay) gay beach in Sitges.

Circuit Festival Asia

asia gay circuit party

Circuit Festival Asia is co-produced by the creators of White Party Bangkok and Circuit Festival Barcelona.

This gay circuit party started in 2018 and is hosted over 3-4 days in the notoriously hedonistic beach destination of Pattaya, Thailand.

Like Circuit Barcelona, Circuit Festival Asia boasts a gay Waterpark Day party, beach party, the best international DJs on the scene and thousands of Circuit partygoers ready to have the hottest vacation of their lives.

Circuit Festival Miami

gay circuit party miami

Completing the trio from the Matinee Group is Circuit Festival Miami held for 4 days over thanksgiving each year.

Highlights include Matinee’s well known Pervert Party, pool parties, the Matinee Champions event for those that like their guys in sports gear and finally the equally well known La Leche beach Party.

Make sure you also spend some time at the gay beach in Miami during this circuit party, it will be a party unto itself!

G Circuit Songkran (Bangkok, Thailand)

gay circuit party

The G Circuit Songkran is held in Bangkok in April for the Thai New Year (aka the Songkran Festival), featuring 3 huge circuit events and two pool parties, attracting thousands of guys from around the world.

The festival started back in 2007 and with Thailand being one of the best gay travel destinations in Asia, it’s no surprise this has become one of Asia’s biggest gay circuit parties!

The Week Rio De Janeirio (Brazil)

The Week is Rio De Janeirios biggest gay super club and has made itself a name as being the Brazilian Gay Circuit Party.

The Week usually hosts parties within other circuit events but also holds big gay new year circuit parties and huge summer circuit parties in venues around Rio.

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One Magical Weekend (Orlando, USA)

Held at Walt Disney World Orlando, this is a venue like no other!

With hot pool parties, events held with over 6000 gay guys dancing away at Disney’s entire 52-acre fantasy water park and late-night parties at other nearby venues, One Magical Weekend sure lives up to its name!

Forever Tel Aviv (Tel Aviv, Israel)

gay circuit party in tel aviv

Tel Aviv has been quickly working its way up the ranks in terms of becoming a top gay destination and Forever Tel Aviv has become one of the most well-known circuit parties worldwide.

Forever Tel Aviv holds regular events but it’s biggest is held during Tel Aviv Pride where up to 200k LGBTQ+ travellers from all over the world descend on the city.

La Demence (Brussels, Belgium)

gay circuit party

La Demence is a one of the longest running gay circuit parties around and has been going for over 30 years.

This huge gay party in Brussels takes place around 12 times a year with the biggest events being around pride.

The party attracts visitors from all over Europe and beyond, it’s this international and diverse crowd with everyone from leather guys to twinks that makes La Demence so popular.

La Demence is normally held at a club called FUSE which offer multiple rooms for different tastes including, like many places in Europe, dark rooms for ‘extracurricular’ activities.

The brand of La Demence also run an annual gay cruise.

White Party (Palm Springs, USA & Puerto Vallarta Mexico)

gay circuit parties us

Perhaps one of the most well-known and successful gay circuit parties in the US is the White Party by Jeffree Sanker.

From their website: ‘’The three-day music festival attracts over 30,000 people of the LGBTQ+ community. Jeffrey Sanker has been cultivating this LGBTQ+ weekend long festival for the last 29 years. Over the years, Sanker has used the White Party stage to help popularize the careers of powerhouses like Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. Previous performers include Jennifer Lopez, Ke$ha, Mary J. Blige and more!’’

BONUS: Atlantis Gay Cruise

gay party

Not an official gay circuit party as such, but has all of the elements of a gay circuit party every day and night with, undoubtedly the best gay parties we have ever attended anywhere in the world.

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We hope to see you at one of these parties as we tick each off our list!

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