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25 Best Gay Hashtags on Instagram for Gay Travel

When it comes to gay travel tips, one of our newest tips is to check out gay hashtags on Instagram relevant to your current destination or simply to get inspired about where you can safely travel to next.

Why is checking Gay Hashtags on Instagram useful?

Checking gay hashtags on Instagram can be especially useful when you are in a destination that does not have a gay scene or has a gay scene which is a bit hidden.

For example, Split in Croatia doesn’t have the biggest gay scene, but checking gay hashtags like #gaycroatia or #gaysplit would be a good start to see where the local gay guys might hang out, if there are any one off gay events or where to find spots of interest that other gay travellers have found.

We would use #gaycroatia when we post on Instagram about our gay sailing trip around Croatia in 2020 (which you can join!), so if a gay traveller is looking into Croatia they would see that there is an option to join a group of other gay guys and go on a gay sailing trip there.

Generic gay hashtags on Instagram such as #gaytravel are also useful to help find destinations that are most likely to be welcoming to gay travellers – you can see that a gay person has travelled there safely and if they have a public profile, you can reach out and ask them for advice and tips.

Lets get started with our list of the best gay hashtags to use on Instagram: [no_toc]

Best Gay Hashtags to use on Instagram

25. #gaytravelinfo

If you are looking for gay travel advice this is a good gay hashtag to start.

24. #gaytravelbloggers

There are so many amazing gay travel bloggers out there sharing some seriously inspiring gay travel content. Make sure you check out our list of top gay travel bloggers.

gay hashtags

23. #gayguide

This is another great gay hashtag if you are seeking advice on destinations or in some cases looking for a gay tour guide!

22. #gayhoneymoon

This gay hashtag is all about inspiring gay romantic destinations. We used this hashtag to showcase our honeymoon in the very beautiful Philippines. You can read more about our gay honeymoon here

21. #gaybeach

Who doesn’t love a gay beach? Destinations that have a gay beach probably have a good gay scene and are welcoming to gay travellers. Definitely take a look at this one!

20. #gaycouple

Purely for research right?

gay hashtags

19. #gayholiday

One for the people from the UK, this gay hashtag is perfect for getting new ideas for your next gay holiday (US would be gay vacation).

18. #gayeurope

There are so many amazing gay travel destinations in Europe. Use this gay hashtag to see which stands out for you. We also have a complete guide to the top gay destinations in Europe.

17. #lgbttravel

This is a simple and straightforward hashtag to find what you are looking for.

16. #gayworldwide

There is a whole gay world out there, expand your horizons and see what comes up.

gay hashtags

15. #gaytravelguide

Similar to #gayguide this gay hashtag is hopefully going to lead you to some good content.

14. #gaytravelinsta

This is one of our favorites and always has some interesting content.

13. #gayworld

Check out this gay hashtag for exactly the same reasons as #gayworldwide.

12. #gayparty

From circuit parties to pride events there are so many incredible gay parties going on throughout the year, check out this gay hashtag to see all the action.

11. #gaystraveltoo

This gay hashtag and the next two are for accounts that feature inspiring gay travellers. We really like the content for all three of these.

gay hashtags post

10. #thegaypassport

As above.

09. #wearetravelgays

As above (#08)

08. #gaypride

If you need your feed to be full of rainbows and joy, look up #gaypride.

07. #gaycation

The US version of our earlier #gayholiday. Get inspiration for your next gaycation!

06. #gayfriendlyhotel

This is a really useful hashtag to help find hotels that are actively gay friendly and take away the guessing game of whether you need to come out, book twin beds, constantly correct everyone that you are not brothers…..

05. #gaytravellers

We follow this gay hashtag and love to see what other gay travellers are doing around the world.

04. #gaycity

The biggest gay scenes are usually in major cities. Take a look at this hashtag to see what gay city you are going to head to next.

03. #gaytravelblog

For us, this gay hashtag has some of the best gay travel content around as the creators are either doing this as a hobby or professionally like us. 

02. #gay[insert destination]

One of the most useful gay hashtags you can look at is #gay[insert destination]. This is going to give you the most up to date gay content related to the destination you are looking at or are currently in. If gay friendly businesses such as hotels, bars, clubs and tours are savvy, they will be using this hashtag so you can find them

01. #gaytravel

With 1.6 million posts tagged with #gaytravel this has to be our number one. This has an incredibly high volume of ever changing content and is one of the most popular.

Have we missed any obvious gay hashtags out? Let us know in the comments or send us a direct message on Instagram, you can find us @theglobetrotterguys.

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