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Top 10 Gay Magazines You Need to Read!

When we were younger and not yet out, our eyes were always drawn to the gay magazines in the local shop. [no_toc]

We aren’t talking about those ‘top shelf’ magazines (although eyes were drawn here to!), we are talking about the amazing gay magazines focused on lifestyle, travel, fashion and day to day life that is often massively underrepresented for the gay community.

When people ask ‘why does it have to be a gay magazine’, we have a simple answer. We want to engage, read and digest media where we feel represented and that we can relate to. These gay magazines can be a lifeline to some people.

Of course, there are plenty of topics and issues specific to being part of the LGBTQ community that simply aren’t covered in other magazines making these gay magazines all the more important. Historically these have often been gay mens magazine but we feel that as time goes on more are representing the entire LGBTQ community.

In no particular order…

The 10 Best Gay Magazines in Print and Online

10. Attitude Magazine

best gay magazine

Attitude is the UK’s best-selling and award-winning gay magazine.

We love Attitude Magazine and if you are looking for a gay magazine subscription, this is the one we have and highly recommend.

They cover everything from travel, to lifestyle, keeping active, fashion and have many amazing featured interviews.

We also love the fact that each issue tackles a specific topic, whether that’s the ʂexuality issue, the body issue, style issue and so on.

They also pride themselves on covering news on serious issues affecting LGBTQ+ people all over the world.

Head over to their website to subscribe.

9. Gay Times

gay magazines

One of the first gay magazines we ever bought, Gay Times has been a resource for the LGBTQ community since 1974. I remember the first time we bought this magazine, I felt super nervous and excited at the same time – it felt like I was coming out to the cashier just by buying this gay magazine!

Whether its lifestyle, music, drag, fashion, they cover so many important topics and spread awareness on policy changes and the ongoing global fight for liberation.

Gay Times state that their mission is to represent the truly multifaceted nature of the queer community.

See more on the Gay Times website.

8. DNA Magazine

best gay magazines

DNA is Australia’s best selling gay magazine and is distributed globally.

What stands out for DNA magazine, is that they have really turned up the heat when it comes to the hot guy content.

It’s not all just about the hot guys (although that is plentiful) they cover a wide range of news and entertainment in the LGBTQ space.

See more at

7. Out Magazine

Out magazine is considered one of the top gay fashion and lifestyle brands globally focusing on everything from culture, art, music, lifestyle issues and more.

Head over to

6. The Advocate

Part of the Out family, Advocate magazine covers politics, business, transgender, bisexuality, religion and family content to name but a few.

The Advocate has been a news source for America’s LGBT community since 1967 keeping you involved and informed on everything that’s important in LGBT news, politics, culture and entertainment.

See more at The Advocate.

5. OutThere Magazine

top gay magazines

For all your luxury travel needs, make sure to take a look at OutThere magazine.

OutThere magazine is a luxury travel magazine founded in 2010 by Uwern Jong and Martin Perry. If you follow Uwern on social media you will 100% be inspired to book your next luxury travel vacation!

Forget about the standard package holiday and get inspired with experiential luxury, head over to OutThere Magazine.

4. Instinct Magazine

Like a number of gay magazines, Instinct Magazine started in print from 1997 to 2015 and is now exclusively online.

Instinct is a gay men’s lifestyle magazine covering news, entertainment, health, travel, business, marriage and lot more!

Check out Instinct Magazine.

3. Metrosource

best gay magazines

Metrosource is one of the leading LGBTQ publications since 1990, committed to presenting the vibrant lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community with ideas, resources and events to enhance their lives.

See more at


Plus is a leading provider of HIV-related health information serving consumers, AIDS service organizations, policy makers, and healthcare professionals.

They cover everything from amazing HIV+ individuals to fighting stigma, up to date medical news and more.

See more at

1. We are Family

We are Family, as the name suggests, focuses on LGBTQ+ families.

They split their content broadly into 3 sections, ‘Thinking about starting a family but don’t know where to begin?’, ‘Are you a parent or co-parent?’ and ‘Are you one of the family? Who do you call family?’.

Are there any gay magazines that we have missed? Let us know!