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10 Most ‘Instagrammable’ Spots – The Corn Islands

If you haven’t heard about the Corn Islands, Nicaragua then you are not alone.

We can’t quite comprehend why these two (Big Corn and Little Corn) stunning Caribbean islands aren’t flooded with tourism yet! But that is exactly why we love them.

It’s the one place we have found on our travels so far where we have had an idyllic, white sand, crystal clear water, Caribbean beach all to ourselves!

Naturally, this makes the Corn Islands the perfect spot for some stunning photography. Here is our list of the ‘most Instagrammable spots’ on the Corn Islands.

Spot #1 – The Beach Swing at Yemaya, Little Corn Island

Yemaya Island Hideaway and Spa is the only luxury hotel on Little Corn Island. It is one of the most beautiful places we have ever stayed in every aspect.

The first spot at Yemaya that we loved was the beach bar swing. If you do a quick search on Instagram for Yemaya you will see countless pictures of people here! We completely understand why. You can’t take a bad picture here, it is simply too beautiful! Take a seat and leave the backdrop as the beach and ocean and you are good to go.

What to do on Little Corn Island Little Corn Island beach

The beach swing at Yemaya, Little Corn Island

Spot #2 – The Hotel at Yemaya, Little Corn Island

We highly recommend treating yourself to staying at Yemaya while on Little Corn. You can’t beat it and you are guaranteed to love it. We stayed in an Ocean front Suite with plunge pool and it provides countless photo opportunities. Take a look!

Where to stay on Little Corn - Yemaya

Yemaya Island Hideaway and Spa – the most luxurious place on Little Corn Island

Spot #3 – Arenas Beach, Big Corn Island

Heading back over to Big Corn island you need to visit Arenas beach. Big Corn is massively underrated and many people just use it to get to Little Corn.

However, we strongly recommend staying here a few days too. Google Arena Beach hotel and then carry on walking further North up the beach. When we went we were the only people on this part of the beach and we loved it!

what to do in Big Corn Island: Picnic Beach

Big Corn Island: Picnic Beach

Spot #4 – Arena Beach Old Jetty, Big Corn Island

Take a stroll along Arenas beach and head back South. You will find an old jetty.

As soon as we spotted this we knew what we had to do. With crystal clear waters as far as you can see walk along the jetty and set up your camera. If you are brave, and well balanced, walk out onto the (very shaky) beams and pull out your best yoga pose!

Spot #5 – Out to Sea

During our stay on Little Corn we took a Miskito boat sailing tour. This was a restored, local fishing boat.

While the sea is beautiful from the beach, its even more stunning out to sea. We can only describe it as 50 shades of blue! You can not help but jump straight in!

What to do on Little Corn ISland

How could you not jump in!

Spot #6 – Paddle Board, Little Corn Island

During the sailing cruise we noticed something trailing behind the boat. A paddle board to some, but to us, the perfect sunbathing (and Instagram) spot!

After jumping into the sea pull yourself up, lay back and relax.

Spot #7 – The Palm Tree, Little Corn Island

Again, scrolling through Instagram under ‘Little Corn Island’, you will see the same tree over and over again. It’s easy to find and well worth it. Starting at Yemaya, walk up the beach about 5 minutes and you will find it. Most likely there will be someone already on it!

Our tip is to go early and take lots of creative shots!

The corn islands guide

Not a tourist in sight!

Spot #8 – Swimming with Nurse Sharks, Little Corn

Swimming of the beach from Little Corn you will find a whole host of sealife.

You can expect to see rays, starfish and harmless nurse sharks. If you are lucky enough to find a nurse shark, get your go pro ready. Do not go too near as to disturb them, but swim by and get your money shot with a shark.

What to do on Little Corn Island

5 metres off the beach and you can expect to see nurse sharks!

Spot #9 – Nurse Sharks at Spekitos, Big Corn Island

Spekitos is a casual restaurant spot on Big Corn Island. What you will be surprised to see if you look over the balcony into the shallow ocean pool below is about 20 nurse sharks.

This is quite an incredible sight and not one to be missed during your stay!

What to do on Big Corn island

Spot #10 – Scuba Diving, Big Corn or Little Corn Island

We end our list with a challenge – no one said that getting the perfect snap for Instagram was easy. The scuba diving around the Corn Islands is amazing. Get yourself armed with a Go Pro, booked on a dive with a local diving school and get that deep sea shot.

What to do in Big Corn: Scuba Dive

Scuba Diving on Big Corn

Instagram pictures aside, we hope you are inspired to visit these beautiful islands. At the time of writing we know that Nicaragua is having some political issue and protests, however we have been told that the Corn Islands remain peaceful and safe. We fully intend to visit them again in the future before they become too touristy!

For a full guide to visiting the Corn Islands see here!

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