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Gay Bars in Dubrovnik, Croatia

For many years there were no gay bars in Dubrovnik….however we are very happy to say that Dubrovnik finally has its very first official gay bar and it is a lot of fun!

Croatia as a whole is not known for being particularly gay friendly and there are not many gay bars in Croatia, however in tourists hotspots like Dubrovnik and Split you can feel safe and comfortable so it was about time that a gay bar in Dubrovnik finally opened!

Gay Bars in Dubrovnik

Right now there is only one gay bar in Dubrovnik, however there are also a few that are known for being gay friendly.

MILK Gay Bar Dubrovnik

gay bars dubrovnik

MILK is the first and only official gay bar in Dubrovnik and during our annual gay sailing trip to Croatia (click to book yourself onto one) we took our entire sailing group to check out this gay bar.

The goal of the owner was to offer something Dubrovnik has been lacking, a welcoming and comfortable place for the LGBTQ+ population and their allies.

The bar itself is within Dubrovniks old town and like many bars a restuarants is a relatively small space with a lot of character. As you entire the celing is covered with plants, the walls lined with mirrors and the bar stocked with everything you can imagine from floor to ceiling.

Early on in the evening you can expect to chill with some cocktails and then as the evening goes on the bar gets packed with people dancing.

Having spoken with the owner (who was lovely) what we loved about this Dubrovnik gay bar is that they bring in a lot of entertainment, whether that is cabaret, performers, go go dancers and in fact MILK brought the very first drag act into the old town which certaintly got people talking.

They also have a happy hour everyday 8pm-9pm and if you want, you can reserve one of the limited table spaces.

This has been quite a breakthrough for Dubrovnik and was not an easy feat to set up so please do make sure to pop in on your next visit, we will be back next year!

Address: Ul. Marojice Kaboge 7, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia

gay bars dubrovnik

Troubadour Jazz Brasserie

As we said, MILK is the only gay bar in Dubrovnik but Troubadour has been noted over the years as being particularly gay friendly and popular with LGBTQ travellers. They have outdoor seating, live music and food and drink.

Either way, Dubrovnik Old Town is so picturesque, we have no doubt that you will enjoy any bar you choose, sitting back with a drink and watching the worlf go by.

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