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Gay Bars Gran Canaria – Don’t miss these 6 bars!

If you are looking for gay bars in Gran Canaria then look no further!

We have been to Gran Canaria over 8 times now and for good reason. It is one of the most welcoming and gay friendly destinations we have ever travelled to and has some incredible gay nightlife.

The majority of the gay bars in Gran Canaria can be found in the Yumbo Centre in Maspalomas. The Yumbo centre is a large multi level outdoor shopping centre by day and gay nightlife hub by night.

On our last visit we counted that there were over 30 gay bars in the Yumbo Centre alone ranging from drag bars, to casual bars, clubs and cruising bars.

We are always completely spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a gay bar in Gran Canaria which is why we have put together a shortlist of our personal favorites.

The idea (or challenge) is to follow this list in order for the perfect big gay night out in the Yumbo Centre!

Lets get started!

gay bars gran canaria

Yumbo Centre by day during pride

Our Top 6 Gay Bars in Gran Canaria

1. Sparkles

Sparkles is one of the best show bars in the Yumbo centre and the perfect start to our gay bars in Gran Canaria guide.

We went for the first time in 2019 and wished we had gone sooner. We haven’t laughed so much in years.

The show lasts up to 5 hours and we were thoroughly entertained and kept in hysterics for the entire time.

These queens can dance, sing live, lip sync for their lives and seriously get the crowd going and up on their feet. In my case quite literally as towards the end of the evening I ended up in a lip sync competition myself as Nicki Minaj – it was scary but so much fun!

gay bars gran canaria SParkles

The drink offers are good here and reasonable in price. Everything is table service and we would arrive around 8:30pm/9pm, get a good table and order a jug of vodka and coke for €13.

Do not miss this gay bar in Gran Canaria, it was a highlight of our trip.

2. Diamonds

This was a staple for us every night, mainly down to their ridiculously cheap drinks prices.

They are notorious for their double, quad and six measure vodka mixers. At €3/4/6 respectively you aren’t going to find much cheaper.

The staff here are also really friendly and its location is in one of the more bustling, busier corners of the Yumbo.

If you are looking for an economical, fun, friendly place to sit and have a drink. Check out Diamonds.

3. Kiki

Assuming you are following this list of gay bars in Gran Canaria so far, you might be feeling a little tipsy so its time to have a dance.

We loved Kiki for dancing as the music was on point with lots of pop and chart tunes. The DJ was also open to requests which meant we stayed here a long time!

You can find Kiki in the middle of the square on the ground floor above Bunker. It’s open from 11pm until late 7 days a week.

gay bars gran canaria kiki

4. Coco Loco

Coco Loco is also an absolute must and where you should move on to next to continue dancing.

This is on the first floor in the Yumbo and the easiest way to find it is to use the stairs near Burger King.

Coco Loco has similar music to Kiki with certain hours dedicated to 90s, 80s etc. However, in Coco Loco you have the added bonus of drag queens entertaining the crowd – in particular we have to mention Kimba, you can’t miss her with her blue hair!

Our friend got taken up on the pole by Kimba, lifted upside down (she is strong!) and ended up giving everyone a cheeky flash much to our amusement!

Feel free to jump up on the pole yourself and give everyone a show! After a few too many vodkas I sure did!

5. Mykonos

If you are following this list by this point it’s probably getting late on in the night now and everyone will start to head to Mykonos. For some reason, we find it very hard to find and swear that the stairs in the Yumbo are like those of Hogwarts.

If you use the stairs near Gio Bar from the ground floor and work your way up to the top floor, you will find it.

Mykonos is a long bar/club with poles, music, dancing and dark rooms if your starting to feel it. This always seems to get busy, whether it is pride or not!

gay bars gran canaria mykonos

Mykonos Gay Bar: (Image sourced from Facebook)

6. Mantrix

When everything else shuts down for the night, this is the club that will take you through to the very early hours of the morning (unless you are really ready for some action in which case you will want to look up Bunker – the main cruising club).

It often gets busy, being one of the few remaining options past 3/4am and the difference with Mantrix is that there is a cover charge – there aren’t any for the other bars we have mentioned.

If that is not enough to keep you satisfied there is no need to worry. There are so many more gay bars in Gran Canaria to explore and we will be including an exhaustive and full listing in our complete guide to Gay Gran Canaria (coming soon).

Let us know if you end up following our guide and how your night goes…..or if you even remember it!

Don’t forget to book in advance, Gran Canaria has lots of gay festivals during the year and gets booked up early! Take a look below for your dates:


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