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How to find the Gay Beach in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria (with maps!)

Gran Canaria is the number one gay friendly Canary Island without a doubt.

It’s no coincidence that we have been 8 times for regular vacations, including multiple summer prides and winter prides. We feel very welcome in Gran Canaria and it’s one of our top 10 gay travel destinations!

When it comes to gay beaches, Gran Canaria does not disappoint.

The majority of visitors head to the gay beach in Maspalomas, which is the gay heart of Gran Canaria! For us, it’s the biggest and most fun gay beach we have been to.

This is also the official Maspalomas nudist beach which is probably one of the main reasons it has become the gay beach!

Read on to find out how to get there. [no_toc]

Where to find Maspalomas Gay Beach?

One of the main attractions in Gran Canaria is the Maspalomas sand dunes and this is where you will find the gay beach in Maspalomas.

However, finding the gay beach is no easy feat!

The sand dunes spread across 1,000-acres and are a protected nature reserve. You can spend hours (with plenty of water) following the many marked out walking trails through the dunes and getting lost.

Along the beach front are a number of small kiosks serving food and drinks. Each kiosk is numbered.

The Maspalomas gay beach can be found at Kiosk No.7.

Walking route to get to Kiosk No 7 Gay Beach, Maspalomas

You have three approaches to find the gay beach in Maspalomas:

1)      Via the Riu Palace

This is the most popular and shortest route taking about 25 minutes to walk from the Riu Palace Hotel to the seafront.

Walk or get a taxi to the Riu Palace. You can then walk through under a huge arch which will take you down to the dunes.

When you hit the dunes bear right and follow the wooden posts which set out a loose trail to the beach. During pride season simply follow the groups of gays!

2)      Via Playa Del Ingles Beach

You can access Playa Del Ingles beach by Calle Des Lunas and then just walk along the seafront until you hit Kiosk 7.

This will take about 45 minutes.

3)      Maspalomas Lighthouse

You can get a taxi to the lighthouse and access Maspalomas beach from here.

The walk is about 30 minutes. Most people do not go from here as it is out of the main tourist centre. It is much more likely that you will be staying in either Playa Del Ingles or central Maspalomas which means #1 or #2 are your best option.

maspalomas gay beach directions

What facilities are there at Maspalomas Gay Beach?

The gay beach itself is really busy and has a good atmosphere with the kiosk selling alcoholic drinks, soft drinks and snacks creating a beach party vibe.

There is a toilet available, and plenty of sun loungers to hire for a reasonable price.

You can also take your own snacks, drinks, some large beach towels, your smallest speedos (or nothing!) and enjoy the beach for free!

Gay Cruising Maspalomas Dunes

With pretty much every gay nudist beach around the world comes the element of cruising and the Maspalomas Dunes provide plenty of privacy to do just that.

If cruising is your scene, you can take a walk around the dunes close by the gay beach.

gay beach maspalomas gran canaria

We have been to many gay beaches around the world but have to say that so far the gay beach in Maspalomas has been our favourite. It is the biggest, busiest and has the best atmosphere! We hope you enjoy it too!

If you have not booked any accommodation yet take a look on below. Especially around pride, accommodation books up well in advance!

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