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How to find the Gay Beach in Miami

Miami is exactly like what you will have seen on the T.V. and in films! It’s a trendy, vibrant and very cool beach destination. Miami has been a gay hotspot for many years with gay bars, gay beaches, gay events such as the winter party and a large gay population – we can definitely see the attraction to living and visiting here.

We came to Miami looking to relax before we went on an Atlantis gay cruise (check out ‘What is a gay Atlantis cruise really like…’) and so headed straight for the gay beach in Miami. There are actually two ‘official’ gay beaches in Miami and if that’s what you are looking for, you have come to the right place!

gay beach Miami

Gay Beaches in Miami

Sometimes when you head to a destination, finding the ‘gay beach’ can be a challenge, however all the gay beaches in Miami are very easy to find. Here is how to find each of them:

12th Street Gay Beach, Miami

South Beach Miami is where the majority of the gay nightlife can be found, so it should come as no surprise that this is where you will find the most popular gay beach in Miami.

The area is very easy to navigate. Streets are numbered running east to west and start at 1st Street at the south end of South Beach and increase in number as you head north.

12th Street Gay Beach can, unsurprisingly, be found if you walk down 12th Street on to the east coast of South Beach. You will cross the road at Ocean Drive and walk on to the beach. Head slightly left until you see all the rainbow flags – find a spot and enjoy the views!

Sun loungers, parasols and snack stalls are all available here, but if you want something more substantial there are plenty of bars and restaurants lining Ocean Drive.

gay beach miami

Haulover Gay Beach, Miami

If you like to sunbathe nude, this is the gay beach for you. However, do note whilst it’s technically ‘not legal’  to be nude in Florida, Haulover Beach had an officially designated clothing-optional area, the only one in the entire state

It is a little further away from the gay epicentre of South Beach. You will find this gay beach 11 miles north of South Beach which will take about 20 minutes by car. The address to type into your sat nav is: Haulover Park, 10800 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33154.

Once you arrive at the beach head to the northern end between lifeguard towers #12 and #16. This is where you will find the nude sunbathing area. This attracts a mainly gay male crowd during weekdays and a mixed crowd at the weekends. There are plenty of lifeguards around and the beach is heavily patrolled.

Sunbeds and parasols are available to rent and you will find some places for snacks. You will find this gay beach quieter than the one on 12th Street, which may well suit you if you are looking to relax and get an all over tan!

‘Semi’ Gay Beaches in Miami

With Miami being such a gay friendly destination, all beaches are gay friendly but there is a couple of beaches that tend to attract a ‘gayer’ crowd. It is worth checking out:

Muscle Beach

The clue is in the title. Muscle Beach is where all the hot boys go to work on their bodies and their tans at the same time.

Expect to find lots of topless hot guys doing pull-ups, sit ups and generally working up a sweat – it is probably no surprise that Muscle Beach attracts a gay crowd, whether to work out themselves or to simply watch!

You can find Muscle Beach by heading down 9th Street to the east coast and crossing the road at Ocean Drive. The address if you are driving is 873 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139.

gay beach miami muscle beach

3rd Street beach

This is another one that is not an official gay beach, but again attracts quite a gay crowd for the same reason as Muscle Beach – the guys.

This is mainly a Brazilian beach and after going to Rio De Janeiro earlier this year (check out our Gay Guide to Rio!) we can attest that Brazilian guys are hot and like to wear much smaller swimwear! I am sure you can see the attraction to this beach.

You can find this on the east coast at the end of 3rd Street. From here, you can also walk around South Pointe Park. We liked this area because you can see all the cruise ships in port, there is lots of greenery, places to chill out, people doing boot camps and lots of people walking their dogs.

Where to stay in Miami?

Whilst all hotels are going to be gay friendly, take a look at these ones in particular (or our Full Guide to the top Gay Hotels in Miami):

  • Hotel Gaythering– the clue is in the name. One of Miamis ‘Straight friendly’ boutique hotels.
  • The Stiles – this one is good for its location to the gay nightlife and value for money.
  • W South Beach – in the heart of South Beach and the gay scene, you are always going to have a good experience at the W South Beach.

gay beach miami

We hope you love Miami and enjoy some fun in the sun on one of its’ gay or gay friendly beaches. We most certainly will be back! Let us know in the comments if there are any other gay popular beaches in Miami popping up and we will update our list!

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