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How to find the Gay Beach in Sitges (with maps!)

Sitges is one of our favourite small Spanish towns. It’s also one of the most gay friendly towns we have been to with some great gay beaches.

The thing we like most about the gay beaches in Sitges is that they are easy to access. We have found that in many destinations, the gay beaches are quite hidden and it can take a lot of effort to find them. However in Sitges, the main gay beach is right in your face in front of the town centre.

Gay Beaches in Sitges

There are 3 gay beaches in Sitges, La Playa De La Bossa Rodona near the centre, Playa De Las Balmins 10 minutes to walk to from the centre and Playa Del Muerto a little further out.

Sitges Gay Beach #1 – La Playa De La Bossa Rodona

The main and most popular gay beach in Sitges is La Playa De La Bossa Rodona.

This is very easy to find and is minutes to walk to from the town centre. You can find La Playa De La Bossa Rodona in front of the Picnic Restaurant opposite Hotel Calipolis.

While all beaches are open to everyone, you can easily tell this is the gay beach during peak season by the clear divide between one half of the beach having families and the other half having a majority of guys parading around in tiny speedos.

gay beach sitges

The main gay beach is directly behind.

See below for its location on a map:

gay beach sitges

Sitges Gay Beach #2 – Playa De Las Balmins

This is a nudist beach and is a ten minute walk from the town centre. If you are facing the sea turn left and walk up the coast in the direction of the church.

how to find the gay beach in sitges

This is the church you will pass between the town centre and gay beach #2


You will have to take some steps to get down to the beach which is set in a small cove. The clientele here can sometimes be quite mixed and not just gay guys.

gay beach sitges

Sitges Gay Beach #3 – Playa Del Muerto

The final gay beach in Sitges is a little bit further away being a ten-minute taxi plus walk.

This is a nudist beach, however this is predominantly frequented by gay guys compared to Playa De Las Balmins.

gay beach sitges

If you have limited time in Sitges or are just there for the day, we recommend just sticking to gay beach #1 Playa De La Bossa Rodona or #2 Playa De Las Balmins. You will find wherever you go in Sitges you will be surrounded by gay guys anyway, its known as being one of the major gay hotspots in Spain.

Here are all three gay beaches in Sitges mentioned above relative to each other. Enjoy topping up your tan!

 all gay beach sitges

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