Gay Cancun 2023: The Complete Gay Guide

Cancun was one of our first big holidays as a gay couple and we immediately fell in love with the destination.

Cancun is all about grand all-inclusive hotels, pristine white beaches, crystal clear waters and if you are up for it, it has a huge party scene (and a small but cool gay scene!).

You can also do some really cool day trips from Cancun to the famous Chichen Itza, Isla Mujeres, jump into a cenote or go scuba diving!

We were curious about gay scene in Cancun given the high number of tourists, even if it was just a couple of bars. From our experience, the hotel zone was very gay friendly, but for actual gay bars you need to head downtown. As a result, we decided to put together a complete guide to ‘Gay Cancun’.

We will cover gay bars in Cancun, gay clubs, recommended hotels, nearby gay beaches in Cancun as well as some of the best activities! We hope you find this guide useful when you visit!

Gay Bars in Cancun

The nightlife scene in Cancun is huge! The hotel zone is lined with huge clubs including the famous Coco Bongo – a must visit! 

These clubs normally charge an entrance fee which includes all-inclusive drinks. They know most people stay at all-inclusive hotels and will pre-drink ‘for free’ and not spend any money at the club otherwise!

We did a couple of group bar crawls around the most popular clubs and had no problems as a gay couple – we felt that the clientele and clubs were very gay friendly.

However, we were more interested in actual gay nightlife in Cancun. There are only 2 official gay bars currently open in Cancun. Both can be found in downtown Cancun which is a short and cheap taxi journey or a bus ride from the hotel zone:


We had a great night and a few too many drinks at our first gay bar in Cancun: club 11:11.

It is known for its go-go dancers, strip shows, drag and a good mix of music to dance the night away to.

The crowd here was quite young, and mainly local compared to the more touristy hotel zone.

Prices here are much cheaper with entrance varying between $50MXN to $150MXN on some nights which can include an open bar. Some weeknights have no cover charge at all.

See what is coming up on their Facebook page.

Address: Av Tulum Smz 22 Mzn 5 Lote 33, Centro, Cancun , Mexico, 77500

gay cancun guide to gay bars in cancun

Laser Hot Show

This is the place to come for a full on drag show. Grab a drink, sit down (you can reserve seating) and enjoy.

The club is open late on a Saturday (until 6am) so expect to be drinking and dancing for the rest of the night.

Keep up to date with events on their Facebook page.

Address: Avenida Tulum Plaza Galerias 77500 Cancún

ടexys Club

They are currently working on something new accordingly to their Facebook page so check there first to see what is coming up and if they re-open.

Address: Avenida Sayil, Zona Hotelera, 77500 Cancún, Quintana Roo


This was a popular gay bar in Cancun but has now closed down.

Gay Friendly Bars/Clubs Cancun

If you don’t want to head downtown and would rather stay in the hotel zone our top choice has to be Coco Bongo. 

Coco Bongo

If you come to Cancun you MUST go to Coco Bongo. 

It is a super club with the most elaborate performances you can imagine. From aerialists taking to the sky as Spiderman and the Green Goblin, to dance performances, singers and everything in between.

The club works on an all-inclusive basis so your ticket (c$100) includes everything. There are lots of different tiers of tickets available. We actually went twice as part of a $70 bar crawl package which worked out cheaper and we still got to see 75% of the show which was enough.

gay cancun guide cocobongo

Gay Friendly Hotels Cancun

There aren’t any exclusively gay hotels in Cancun like you might find in places like Berlin. Here it is mainly huge all-inclusive hotels with some big hotel chains. Given the level of service and how touristy Cancun is, we think it is safe to say that all these big fancy hotels are going to be gay friendly and welcoming of all guests. 

In particular check out some of these which rank very highly:

Gay Beach Cancun

Playa Delfines found at the south end of the hotel zone is considered to be the ‘unofficial gay beach’ in Cancun.

Like many gay beaches, it’s harder to get to compared to most of the beaches that line the hotel zone since there are no hotels here. 

 To get to this beach you will need to either have a car or take the bus down the main road of the Hotel Zone. It is easier to reach with a car, and there is a parking lot but with limited spaces. 

Being the unofficial gay beach of Cancun it’s still relatively quiet so don’t go with high expectations of meeting many other gay guys.

For more gay beaches, check out these gay beaches near Playa Del Carmen.

gay cancun guide gay beaches

Gay Saunas and cruising in Cancun

There was one small gay sauna in Cancun called Xmahan Nah Sauna which is now permanently closed.

We have not been, but many articles mention Plaza Las Americas Mall being a popular hang out for a lot of gay muscle boys. Maybe go shopping, open up Grindr and see what’s around…

Gay Events Cancun

Gay Pride Cancun

Cancun does hold a gay pride each year in June but it is relatively small. It is mainly focused just on the parade itself without having any huge pride parties etc.

You can find the official Facebook page for Cancun Pride here.

Arena Festival (Playa Del Carmen/Tulum)

The nearest circuit party to Cancun is held in January/February each year and is called Arena Festival.

Read all about what to expect from Arena Festival.

Club Atlantis Cancun

All-gay and all-inclusive, Atlantis takes over the entire Club Med Cancun resort for an incredible experience on three gorgeous private beaches filled with entertainment, sports, activities, parties, and great friends.

See more here.

Trips and Excursions from Cancun

When we went to Cancun we mixed up plenty of relaxing pool time with a few excursions.

We highly recommend a trip to Chichen Itza, visiting cenotes, scuba diving and one of the theme parks like Xel Ha. Take a look at some options below.


Practical tips

Can you drink the water?

No, buy bottled.

What languages are spoken?

In the hotel zone you will be fine speaking English or of course Spanish. We always encourage travellers to make an effort to learn some local words and phrases and not just expect English.

Getting from Cancun Airport to the Hotel Zone

You have three options:

  1. ADO bus to the downtown Cancun (25 minutes) plus a local bus from downtown to hotel zone (20-40 minutes) – You can book the ADO online c72MXN and then look for R1, R 2, R15, and R27 buses that go to the Hotel Zone that will say “Hoteles“.
  2. Taxi service from the Cancun Airport – you should expect to pay $50-60. Be aware lots of drivers will tell you this is wrong and try and charge you more so stand your ground.
  3. Private transfer or shuttle to your hotel in Cancun – this is the easiest option and most cost efficient. Many companies online offer the service for as little as $35 for a van for up to three people. This will also take you directly to your hotel.

What is the currency in Cancun?

The main currency in Mexico is the Mexican Peso, however US dollars are accepted everywhere – in fact you will often see prices quoted in US dollars, especially hotel rates and excursions. The typical exchange rate is $1 = 18 Mexican Pesos.

Weather and the best time to visit Cancun

Cancun has a warm climate pretty much all year round. However, like most of the Caribbean it does have a significant wet and dry season.

The most popular time to visit tends to be the slightly cooler dry season, running from November through to March. Temperatures average 25-30°C/75-86°F during this period with limited rainfall.

We had an amazing time in Cancun and hope you do to! You should also check out the following guides for the Riviera Maya:

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