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12 Gay Clothing Brands: The BEST Gay Fashion

When we talk about gay clothing brands and gay fashion, we mean those that are typically but by no means exclusively targeting the gay mens clothing market. [no_toc]

We stand strong by our opinion that anyone should be able to wear whatever they want no matter who they are!

That being said, we love the following gay clothing brands and following different gay fashion trends based on the fact that their style, marketing and branding resonates strongly with us as gay guys in ways that most high street or mainstream brands don’t (its also worth mentioning that we have a post focused on gender neutral clothing).

Unsurprisingly, many brands aimed at gay mens clothing and fashion focus on typical ‘gay wear’ i.e underwear, swimwear and more risqué items.

We have a separate post covering our favourite gay underwear brands and gay swimwear brands, this post focuses on gay clothing brands and gay fashion that you would wear out day to day or for your next big event.

We highly reccomend using these brands for inspiration to plan some great gay outfits that break the stereotypes.

Gay Clothing Brands and Gay Fashion

In no particular order, here are some of our favorite tried and tested gay clothing brands we have in our wardrobe (or want in our wardrobe to create some new gay outfit options). Mix and match and put together some new gay fashion outfits:

12. Orttu

gay fashion

Orttu is one of our new favorite gay clothing brands because of the message behind the brand.

They wanted to create a style for men who are in touch with their individuality, strength, and inner beauty.

They focus on a love of beauty, a belief in self-expression, and a love of the sensual, the spiritual, and the playfully ടexual.

We have a few pieces from Orttu which we wore on our most recent gay cruise and had many compliments!

Take a look at their online store.

11. Rufskin

gay clothing brand rufskin

When it comes to gay fashion, Rufskin is seriously stylish and a little bit naughty.

They offer very sleek pieces from underwear through to sweaters, a denim range, shirts, sportwear (In Motion) and a Ruf-erized line which is rubberised sportwear.

As described on their website, Rufskin was created to enhance the individuality of the male form, while at the same time, it has redefined the concept of what ടexy can look like.

Essentially directed toward men, the concept of the brand focuses on the California Lifestyle. It is entirely designed and manufactured in Southern California.

See their online store here and get stocked up on some ‘gay clothes’.

10. Ruben Galarreta

gay clothing brands and apparel

We love Spanish brands and Ruben Galarreta is a perfect example of some hot gay clothes.

The brand based in the gay mecca of Madrid (where we used to live) and focuses on clean cuts, transparencies, sporty fabrics and unique details.

They offer everything from track pants, crop tops, sweatshirts, jackets, underwear and harnesses. Most recently we saw the brand featured on one of our favourite gay tv shows, Elite!

They state on their website ‘Our brand redefines the concept of male sensuality by enhancing the masculine body with comfortable designs that allows men to be their true selves.’

See what is on offer here.

9. Charlie by Matthew Zink

Gay apparel and clothing

With everything made and printed in Italy from the finest quality materials Charlie by Matthew Zink is a high-quality brand with exceptional quality and fit. 

They have a huge range of fitness wear including yoga, boxing, gym wear, tights, shorts etc. An extensive range of swim and underwear and also a full range of tops, bottoms and even a silk series.

We highly recommend you also check out their leather range, these pieces are seriously hot.

Head over to their website to see what gay fashion they have to offer.

8. Addicted

Gay clothing and apparel

Addicted definitely ticks the underwear and swimwear box but has so much more on offer when it comes to gay mens clothing.

This gay clothing brand also offers a wide range of sportswear, jeans, shorts, t shirts and vests/tanks. We really like the fit on their denim shorts and high quality of their products.

Head to

7. ES Collection

es collection

ES Collection, a sister brand to Addicted offers everything in terms of gay clothing from sportswear, jeans, shorts, t shirts, vests/tanks, underwear and swimwear.

Like Addicted, this brand is specifically aimed at the gay male consumer and we love their stuff.

We would say out of the two brands, Addicted has a more playful style and ES Collection a more simplistic and clean style.

Check out their online store.

6. Salt Murphy

Salt Murphy is an Australian company founded in Melbourne. The offer both mens and womens ranges but given the gender fluidity of the pieces its no surprise this brand is popular with gay men.

They state that theor focus is to deliver high quality designs to enhance the multi faceted lifestyle of their customers.

5. Andrew Christian

andrew christian gay outfits

Andrew Christian, originally synonymous with underwear and swimwear has expanded their range to offer casual and sports wear, including some really cool pieces like the mesh beach cover up below.

Named after their founder, Andrew Christian is well known for being a little bit of a naughty brand so we hope you enjoy browsing their collection as well as the models!

As well as online, Andrew Christian is also sold in hundreds of stores all around the world, including, but not limited to, luxury department stores, such as, Nordstrom USA, Selfridges UK, Kadewe Germany, and Simons Canada.

4. JJ Malibu

Another brand that has expanded its range over time is JJ Malibu. They have pretty much everything you might expect from a gay fashion brand.

Beyond the huge range of hot underwear, swim options and circuit party wear, JJ Malibu also have a great range of funh tank tops, crop tops, bodysuits and joggers – although our favorite section is the harness section….

3. TOF Paris

gay fashion

TOF Paris offers men an on-trend and relaxed style with its clothing line made in France. Their menswear fashion collection is intended for all men, gay or not, straight or queer, who want to be in fashion, far from the standards of international big box stores. 

TOF Paris clothes tend to hug the body and are slim fitting. The goal is to reveal your muscle structure, to showcase your muscles and your silhouette. They offer everything from underwear, to partywear, and for the purposes of this post, some great fashion, sports and casual wear.


Again, another great example of a long standing underwear brand branching out into to super stylish athleisurewear.

These pieces look super comfy and we are a huge fan of neutral tones right now (but also check out everything else, they have some great jocks).

These are just a few of our favorite gay clothing brands, let us know your favorites and we will add more as time goes on!

1. Effenberger Couture

gay clothing brands list

Effenberger Couture originates from Berlin and is influenced by the city’s vibrant queer party scene. With distinctive patterns, bold styles, and playful elements, the fashion brand offers a unique take on menswear that is inclusive of all sexual orientations and gender identities. Effenberger Couture’s distinctive designs provide an authentic expression of oneself.

Featured in collaborations with local artists like Spyros Rennt and Benedikt Rugar in Berlin and international organizations like the Tom of Finland Foundation, Effenberger Couture garners global recognition.

Check out the online store for the full range of ready-to-wear bodysuits, swimwear and party outfits.’


Note: this post includes affiliate links which do not cost you anything extra at all.

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