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Who Goes on a Gay Cruise?

Please throw all of your stereotypes and preconceptions straight out of the window – they aren’t welcome on this gay cruise.

We have been on our second gay cruise with Atlantis and are finding it incredibly difficult to put into words how the experience felt.

It’s the one place in the world where we felt no barriers whatsoever.

It allowed us to remove all of our inhibitions, be our true selves and celebrate every type of person with no judgement or attitude at all.

It was empowering, liberating, full of love, the friendliest environment we have experienced and gives us hope for humanity. An Atlantis gay cruise is something special that needs to be experienced to be appreciated and fully understood. 

We’ve asked you to throw away your stereotypes for good reason, these may include:

  • Gay cruises are just for hot young muscle-men 
  • Gay cruises are just for singles looking for a hook up 
  • In contrast to the one above, some people think cruises are actually just for couples
  • In contrast again, some people ask why on earth would you go on a gay cruise as a monogamous couple?
  • Gay cruises are cliquey, I could never go solo

Before we move on, from our experience and from all the people we have spoken to, all the above points are false.

Quite simply, a gay cruise is for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are travelling solo, with friends, are in either an open or closed couple, a throuple or anything else in between – we have seen and met them all.

However, don’t take our word for it, we have sat down and interviewed a mix of these types of travellers from this years Atlantis gay cruise.

Read on to find out how this experience worked out for each of them. [no_toc]

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Gay Cruise for Solo/Single Travellers

Nick Moore-Perez

Hi, thanks so much for offering to speak with us. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

guys on gay cruise nick who goes on a gay cruise

Hi, my name is Nick Moore-Perez. I am from a suburb Detroit, MI.

This was my first cruise! I’m recently single and was in Fort Lauderdale running away when I heard about the cruise. I extended my vacation and booked the cruise!

What were your thoughts/concerns about going on this gay cruise solo?

I decided to do the single match program since I booked last minute and it was the cheaper route.

Who knows, maybe you’ll meet a friend, right?

 I was lucky – my roommate was super cool and lives only a few hours away from Detroit.

I was worried about fitting in on the cruise. I haven’t been a part of the “scene” for a while so I wasn’t sure I would still fit in.

What made you go for it anyway?

I had two friends who were going on the cruise and to be honest they were amazing!

They took both me and my roommate under their wing and showed us a great time!

How did you feel walking up to the ship on day 1? Were you nervous etc?

I was ready, I had made the decision to go so at this point it was a roll with the punches kind of day.

How did you feel on the first day on board the ship – did you find people were very welcoming?

Everyone was so welcoming, it truly is a special experience.

How does it work as a solo traveller – can you tell us about the room sharing option?

I booked last minute and did the room share.

I rolled the dice and turns out so did my roommate! He booked the day before I did! It would also be possible to use the Facebook groups available to find someone like-minded in advance.

It was great, if you are a solo traveller this is the way to go!

How did you make friends on board – are there many other solo travellers and are there specific events to get everyone together?

It was easy to make friends.

A great way to meet new friends was doing community dinner seating and going to the singles events onboard.

What made the cruise special for you?

I can’t for the life of me remember who said it, but one of the performers said something that instantly made me tear up.

“How amazing is it to feel like a majority when you have been a minority your whole life”.

It was so powerful that it is how I have explained the trip to many who have asked.

What would you tell someone who is thinking of coming on solo but is still a bit terrified?

Do it!

Even if you’re shy, even if it’s expensive, even if you’re not confident, even if you are at a loss in your life. This is something that everyone should be able to experience.

Anything else you want to add?

I love that you are doing this question and answer.

Testimonials from fellow travellers on the FB page were another factor that helped tip me towards going.

Everyone raves about the experience. Well, not everyone, but hey if you’re making 95% of people happy you’re doing something right.

Andrew Bristow

gay cruise interview andrew: who goes on a gay cruise

Hi, please introduce yourself.

Hi, my name is Andrew Bristow from San Francisco CA and this was my 3rd cruise.

I am currently single and I traveled to Florida solo and I had a room to myself on the ship.

What were your thoughts/concerns about going on the cruise solo?

Mostly that I wouldn’t know what each day would bring and who I would be spending my time with.

I was part of some very large (50+ people) costume groups and I knew around 200 people on board but not having a dedicated person was a little daunting.

What made you go for it anyway?

Because I love it so much and knew so many people I was never going to let a little anxiety stop me.

How did you feel walking up to the ship on day 1? Were you nervous etc?

A little yeah!

There is all this pressure to have a good time and look a certain way, but you have to remind yourself that the only person putting that pressure on you is you.

How did you feel on the first day on board the ship – did you find people were very welcoming?

Very welcoming!

This was the first year I did door decorations so I met a lot of my neighbors by simply being in the hall 

for a while and putting things up.

The experienced cruisers all say hello and the newbies are typically polite and if they look lost I try and point them in the right direction which seems to put them a little at ease

How did you make friends on board – are there many other solo travellers and are there specific events to get everyone together?

I just say hello to people if I catch their eye (if they are cute I might mention that as well ) or share an elevator with them!

If someone comes up to me I do my best to strike up a conversation with them because, as an introvert, I know how much effort that can take.

I know there are singles dinners and mixers but I haven’t attended them before.

What made the cruise special for you?

The people: young, old, friends, strangers, gay, straight, bodybuilders, bears, passenger, crew, everyone seems to do their best to make everyone feel welcome, cared for, and have a good time.

What would you tell someone who is thinking of coming on Atlantis solo but is still a bit terrified?


Don’t sweat the small stuff and don’t be afraid to ask questions of more experienced cruisers. Everyone should do an Atlantis cruise at least once.

Anything else you want to add?

The cruise is whatever you make it. 

It can be fun times with friends, it can be a romantic trip for you and that special person (or persons) in your life.

It can be a floating bathhouse, it can be a never-ending circuit party, it can be packed days of exploring ports, it can be relaxed days by the pool or chilling in the hot tub, it can be food, food, food, and more food, or it can be whatever assortment you choose.

See our third interview with another solo traveller who travelled from the UK, he knew absolutely no one at all going into this experience!: Going solo on a Gay Cruise: An interview with Ben.

Gay Cruise experience for Open Couples

Michael and Mikel

Hi guys, please introduce yourself.

guys on gay cruise

Hi! I am Michael, originally from Montreal, Canada but now live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

My husband Mikel is originally from Germany but now lives with me in Pittsburgh.

We have been in an open relationship for 12 years and have been married for seven.  It was our 11th cruise and we came with a bunch of friends, couples and singles.

How did you find being an open couple on board this gay cruise ship? Did you find anyone was judgemental about it?

We never had any judgement but it is very obvious we are an open couple and I would love for some bitch to attempt judgement on my life – lol.

Our experience has always been extremely positive and welcoming on these adventures.

Were many other couples open like you?

Most of the couples we interacted with were at some stage of “openness” – depending on the night. 

As we tended to circulate with people of like interests (dancing etc), I would say the majority were open.

On land, some people have a lot to say about being open, was it a relief to not have to deal with that on the gay cruise?

Being on a gay cruise is of course easier when it comes to the topic of openness.  

But our experience on land at gay clubs has not been much different to be honest, probably because we know so many people and they all know we are open.

What made this gay cruise special?

We celebrated milestone birthdays of two special friends.  One turned 50, one turned 60!

Congratulations to your friends! Will we be seeing you return?

Absolutely but not likely next year.  Maybe 2022. But you never know.

Anything to add?

I think this was among the friendliest crowds we have seen.

Fun, frisky and while there were cliques as there always were, we found there was very little attitude. 

Ernie and David

Hi guys, please go ahead and introduce yourselves.

gay cruise sex

Hi, we are Ernie and David from Chicago.

It was our first cruise and we travelled with a group of close friends.

How did you find being an open couple on board the ship? Did you find anyone was judgemental about it?

We found that there were many open couples on the ship….it seemed almost “normal.”

We didn’t feel any judgement at all.

 No one batted an eye after learning that I, or someone else had a husband.

“Everyone” seemed “available” to make-out with/fondle/have ടex with everyone else.

 It was almost a running joke to ask, “So, where is your husband at?”…with the reply, “Oh, he’s somewhere having his own fun….”

That’s hilarious. It sounds very liberating compared to how it may be received on land!

Exactly, no one really cared we were open (The Globetrotter Guys:  and why should they!?).

Everyone was on the cruise to have fun however and in whatever form that was for that person.

Everyone was free to be whoever they wanted, and do whatever they wanted, with no judgement.

Everyone seemed to have the same expectations of just having fun and escaping the real world for a week.

Here’s to that! What made this gay cruise special for you guys?

It was special because it was our first cruise, and we were able to share it with each other (we’ve only been married since May), along with our closest (and extended) friends from Chicago.

Will we see you onboard again?

Yes, we plan on returning….not next year though. We are still exhausted!

Though it’s a great week, we know we can’t do it year after year after year. We’ll take a year off and plan again the following year!

Anything else to add?

The first couple of days I was stuck in my own head with feelings of insecurity and unworthiness.

I’m more of an introvert and find it difficult approaching people…I get especially intimidated around guys I find very attractive.

My first thought is often, “I’m probably not his type.”

It wasn’t until I saw two really hot guys making out….and then saw one again on the dancefloor who pulled me in and told me he thought I was hot, and started making out with me….that I “got out of my own head” and got the confidence to start approaching others.

That would be my biggest advice….”get out of your own head and find the courage to approach others, cuz’ you’ll never know unless you try!”

Other Open Couples Comment

‘’Nobody was judgemental. Just being around like-minded people for a week and getting away from the “normal” world made the cruise special. Of course, the shows and dances (and cruise ടex!) were special too.’’ Chris Saul

Gay Cruise experience as a Throuple

Hi guys, thanks for speaking with us, please go ahead and introduce yourselves to our readers.

gay cruise interview throuple

Hi guys. We are Jonathan, Francesco and Daniele, 1 Brit and 2 Italians living in Milan, Italy.

Nice to meet you guys, was this your first gay cruise? How was the experience for you guys as a throuple?

This was our second gay cruise and it was absolutely amazing.

We did the Med cruise back in August but this Caribbean was our favourite.

The Atlantis team were so amazing at making us feel welcome and making everyone feel inclusive no matter where they were from, their age or background which is so refreshing to see in the gay community.

We are a throuple and it was amazing to also see a few other throuples on board too. There was no judgement at all from anyone, just love and respect.

That’s really good to hear and nice for you guys to see a few other gay throuples onboard. What made the cruise special for you this time?

What made the cruise special for us was that it allowed so many different people from the LGBTQ community to be together and celebrate and have fun and just forget about the world for a week.

Once you step on to that ship, it’s a whole new world and just ‘family’ for a week. We didn’t take one second of this for granted.

Gay Cruise experience for Closed Couples

John and Jeremy

Cruising gay couple atlantis

Hi, thanks so much for offering to speak with us. Please could you introduce yourselves.

We are John, and this was my 2nd Cruise and Jeremy on his 1st Cruise. We are both from New York.

We are a closed couple.

How did you find being a monogamous couple on board the ship (any challenges)? Some people have commented in the past to say ‘’why would you go on a gay cruise as a monogamous couple’’ (which we think is a ridiculous question because it’s not all about random hook ups)

We feel the most challenging part of the cruise was having people coming up to us and trying to touch/make out with us without speaking/talking to us first.

This occurred mostly during the parties as people would walk past us and say hi, move in for a kiss etc rather than inquiring about our situation first.

In your experience, out of all the other couples you met, were many of them also monogamous or were more of them open? (Not that it even matters of course, everyone should do what they want and we want to celebrate everyone!)

We actually met other couples on the cruise who stated they weren’t open.

We would say most other couples were open, either by them telling us they were together and open or the vision of them being boyfriends and hooking up with either other couples or single men.

What made the Atlantis cruise special for you?

This was our first major vacation together as a couple.

Looking back we feel this was a special way to help us solidify us being a closed couple.

Please keep in mind we are fully supportive of everyone’s right to choose how they want to love one another and we do not judge anyone else’s relationship at all.

There were numerous times throughout the cruise where we would be dancing together at the parties, expressing our love for each other which strengthened our resolve of being in a closed relationship.

This is something that is very important to us.

It’s very difficult especially with a boat full of gorgeous men wanting to hook up. To us this meant that we both respect each other’s choices and didn’t allow temptations to come in between our relationship and the life we are building together.

What would you say to other closed couples wondering if it’s the environment for them?

We would suggest other closed couples should ensure they have a very solid and strong relationship before attending and make sure they both are fully committed to having a closed relationship.

If there is an ounce of jealousy in either of you, there may be some issues that arise.

Let’s face it, we are on a boat with 5,000 men who may want to talk, touch, kiss etc one of you and not the other, or one more than the other, we feel it’s important to understand that this is a part of our culture and it will happen.

Will we see you on another Atlantis gay cruise?

We have a lot on the calendar for the upcoming year so we may not be returning next year, but we would like to attend future cruises.

Anything else you want to add?

We think its very important to understand and respect the choices of everyone on the cruises, singles, open/closed couples, throuples etc and not try to shame anyone for how/who they want to love.

Before the cruise we were invited to a Telegram group chat that included other couples. We didn’t know the preface of the group nor we were able to see the previous conversations in the chat.

As we spoke to the group members, we explained we weren’t open, the conversation changed.

 We were more or less “Closed Relationship Shamed” and were told that we didn’t belong in the group and this wasn’t the group for us. 

While there were a few open couples that weren’t receptive of our relationship, there were SEVERAL that we met who respected our relationship after informing them and we ended up having an amazing time hanging out and dancing with them.

Gay Cruise experience with friends


who goes on a gay cruise

Hi Nico, please introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Nico Vandenbergh,  I am from New York and this is my second cruise but I travelled this time with my two best friends from home (their first time).

A lot of people think that going on a cruise is very much a couples thing to do -what would you say to them in the case of Atlantis gay cruise?

 It can be, I met a lot of couples, but it can also be a singles thing too (especially with this cruise it is for all!).

What are the pro’s and cons of travelling with a group of friends?

One pro is that you’re not alone, you have your core group that you can do things together like eating meals, getting off the ship, attending shows, group costumes… the list can go on and on.

The cons are not any, well for me because my friends and I have such a strong friendship it’s really to the fact that we are family.

We are such a tight group and if it wasn’t for that then we would have so many cons especially with the fact that the 3 of us shared a small interior room for a whole week and that didn’t even cause us any problems.

What made the Atlantis gay cruise special to you?

This cruise is so special because it allows me, and others in the gay community to just be ourselves.

There is no judgement, everyone says hi, and we all can relate on so much together.

When I am back home in NY I barely have any of the confidence that I have on the ship.

I’m an outgoing person, but this cruise brings that completely out with no second guessing if I said or did the wrong thing. It truly is something special.

What would you say to someone thinking about booking?

Book it.

It is something you have to at least experience once.

Honestly you make the trip what you want it to be, there is so much that you can do and don’t have to do everything.

And if you don’t want to book it alone, book it with a friend or the whole room share program for solo travellers.

 It is definitely an experience you don’t want to miss out on.

Anything to add?

This cruise truly is a safe haven for the gay community and Atlantis does make sure of that. It has been such an amazing experience this year and I am so glad to have gone back a second time. 

Andrew Price

who goes on a gay cruise

Hi, thank you for speaking with us, please introduce yourself.

My name is Andrew from Chicago, I travelled single with a best friend from home. This was my first Atlantis cruise but not first cruise.

A lot of people think that going on a cruise is very much a couples thing to do – what would you say to them in the case of the Atlantis gay cruise?

It can be more geared for couples.

Going in as single it was hard to figure out who was and who wasn’t because of open relationships.

It would have helped if I would have attended the singles mixers and dinners.

What are the pro’s and cons of travelling with a group of friends?

I think pro of traveling with a group that you can all do stuff together. However, the con can be all agreeing on what to do.

What would you tell someone who is still unsure whether to book?

I would tell someone regardless of the price you are going to have the time of your life.

You are going to have great food, go to new places, meet some great people and have tons of fun.

I think I’m definitely going to book again for next year.

Extra tips for a gay cruise?

If you do book and go to the parties that are on the cruise make sure you pack ear plugs. The music can be a little loud. Lol!

Walter Pasty

Hi Walter, please introduce yourself.

My name is Walter, I traveled with friends and am single, and this was my first cruise.

What made this gay cruise special for you?

I could write an entire book about that!

But let’s try to summarize it a little bit.

I’ll start with the people you can see on this cruise; no matter where I’ve looked and who I’ve met, I felt completely surrounded by amazing people for an entire week!

Everyone says “Hi”, you can start deep conversation in the middle of the dance floor.

You feel safe so you can let go of all your barriers and restraints. Don’t hesitate to start talking to a stranger about his amazing costume, how hot he is, etc… that is so reinvigorating!

Add an amazing ship, spectacular shows, endless parties, dancing up until sunrise everyday surrounded by smiling people you’ve just met or have known for half a decade, and you got the kind of mix that I’d loved to have more often!

What would you say to someone who doesn’t know whether to take the plunge?

Just stop thinking about it and try it.

I’ve realized that the first word I use to describe this amazing week is not “Cruise”, “Vacation” or even “Gay”, but “Experience”.

This experience made me meet incredible people and taught me so much about myself that I can say confidently that it changed me for ever! So let’s see what you can get from it!

I will be back without the shadow of a doubt! It might not be next year, but I can guarantee that this first Atlantis experience is far from being the last one, and you’ll hear from me again!

Anything to add?

I just want to say “Thank you” to every person who made this experience what it was, and allowed me to live in what I’ve considered an Utopia for an entire week.

The Atlantis Team, The Cruise, The DJs and Performers, and of course the thousands of fellows who made me feel like being the lucky member of an amazing community!

Gay Cruise Experience: Open with Friends (partner at home)


gay cruise guide

Hi Eduardo, please introduce yourself!

I’m Eduardo Jiménez, from Perú. I travelled with my best friend and is my first cruise!

How did you find being from an open couple but with friends on board the ship? Did you find anyone thought it odd you had a partner back home?

At no time did I feel judged, quite the opposite!

I think everything that was happening in mind added to the shyness of my first cruise.

Were many other couples open so could understand your situation?

Yes, maybe 90% of the couples I met have an open relationship. 

So was it a relief not to have to justify yourself on-board like you might have to do at home?

I think that on the cruise everyone can either have no limits or some limits if they want. I think these limits come from the parameters that society itself imposes!

What was special for you?

I met many new friends, although in a certain way almost the first 4 days I felt quite nervous or that I did not have the body worked as many have, I could adapt a little and not feel so out of place!

We will see you next year on the Atlantis gay cruise?

I would love to return and I do want to return to be more open from day one!

Anything to add?

I love that the gay community have the possibility to fraternize and meet people from all over the world.

I am South American and I did not find anyone from my country except some Colombians, maybe that’s why I felt a little strange, I hope to be able to go in 2021, thanks for the questions!!

Final Message

The whole point of this post was to break down some preconceptions and stereotypes and most importantly celebrate people!

We want everyone to feel welcome, happy and safe. Like Nick quoted: “How amazing is it to feel like a majority when you have been a minority your whole life”.

Leave the judgement and your inhibitions at home and let’s enjoy this experience together no matter who you are, how you look, where you are from or who you love.

We need to get ourselves booked for next year and hope to see you there – please say hi on-board. You can see the upcoming cruises on

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Samuel eric

Sunday 17th of January 2021

I love this blog! I'm actually a prospective solo traveler and this blog made me 100% want to go and I'm going for Atlantis 2022. I'm thinking to find a roommate on atlantis facebook group but reading this, I think I will roll the dice 😉 If any of your guys want to be friends with me on the cruise and travel together when we are on land and do some stuff on the cruise together, message me on insta samuelerics36 :) I'm looking to make friends as many as possible!


Sunday 2nd of February 2020

Thank you so much on the reminder of what a gay cruise should be about, and a wonderful Blog.