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The Ultimate Guide to Gay Pride Gran Canaria: Maspalomas

Without a doubt, Gran Canaria is the most gay friendly place we have been to date. As a result, gay pride Gran Canaria (or Maspalomas gay pride) is probably one of the largest pride events in Europe!

In the past we have been to both Gran Canaria Winter Pride (November) and Gran Canaria Summer Pride (May). Gay pride in Gran Canaria attracts 1000s of LGBT and ally travelers from all across the world and is spread over 7 days in winter and 14 days in summer.

We had seen people on our Facebook go year upon year and could not figure out why they kept returning! That was of course, until we went ourselves, 6 times in total!

So here are our highlights of Gay Pride Gran Canaria and the top reasons you should get yourself booked to go!

Gay pride gran canaria maspalomas pride

The Pride Parade!

Gay Pride Gran Canaria: The Parties!

The parties during Gran Canaria pride are quite simply incredible and one of the main reasons we have returned multiple times!

If you really wanted to, you could find a pool party or outdoor dance party every day. However, the ones that really stand out for us are the infamous T-Dance and the Wet & White Party.

T-Dance Party

This is normally held at the Aqua Ocean Club next to Meloneras Beach. You can expect an open air venue with an amazing sound system, large dance floor and seaview. The event has 100’s of guys dancing away wearing very little and often sells out early (tickets are usually €10/15).

We loved the T-Dance because there was a great energy, we made lots of friends and watched the sunset as the party ran from 1-8pm. Drinks cost about €7 for a very generous measure and we found if you politely ask to keep pouring, they will, this really gets the party going!

Take a look at the video the organisers (ProGay) posted after last year’s party here. (And subscribe to our YouTube here.)

Wet & White Party

Out of all the parties we have been to at Gran Canaria Pride, this party has to be our favourite.

Wet & White is held at the Amadores Beach Club. This is a really modern venue a with huge pool, heated jacuzzi, dance area, gogo dancers and VIP areas.

The difference with the Wet & White Party is the venue has plenty of areas to sit back and chill while you have your first few drinks. By chill, what we mean is sit back and people watch. You don’t quite know where to look! Too many attractive guys walking around in speedos…..or less!

Again, we loved it because of the carefree and fun atmosphere, the music and the venue. We fully intend to be back here again in the future!

Tickets are €10/15/20 including transport. Drinks prices a little higher at €10 per alcoholic drink but again, measures are generous so three drinks in and we were on the dance floor.

Take a look at the video the organisers (ProGay) posted after last year’s party here. (And subscribe to our YouTube here.)


Maspalomas dune in Gran canaria

Exploring the dunes

Yumbo Centre – Gay Nightlife

If you don’t go to the Yumbo centre you are missing out. This is the hub of everything during pride.

By day its got plenty of shops and places to sit and watch the world go by. By night it’s the best party on the island with more bars and clubs than you could feasibly visit.

The best way to envision the Yumbo Centre is a large square with a stage in the middle (during pride). Each side of the square has up to three floors of shops, bars, clubs, saunas, cruising bars and restaurants.

Each night during pride there will be international performances and acts on stage for you to watch. Sometimes even competitions such as the high heels race which is always fun to watch (or join in)!

In terms of gay nightlife, there is something for everyone. Whether you want drag bars, mainstream bars, bear bars or bars with dark rooms, it’s there for the taking. Our usual route would be to start at Diamonds Bar which does ‘Quad Vods’ for 4 euros (dangerous), before dancing in the main stage area, Kiki and then come 2am, Mykonos. Expect to make some memories…or lose some!

The Yumbo Centre in Gran Canaria

Yumbo Centre by day

Maspalomas Pride Parade

We have been to many different pride parades around the world and this has to be one of the most fun! That is because this is one that you can really get involved with!

The pride parade in Maspalomas is a little bit different. There is usually a parade of extravagantly decorated double decker buses or parade floats coming up the street with each one being its own party!

gay pride gran canaria

Choose your favorite float and join in the parade! You can dance and follow the floats up the street, unlike other pride parades you are not kept behind barricades! There is usually the option to pay to actually join one of the floats/buses for up to 50 Euros including an open bar of beer and wine.

Other Reasons we Love Gran Canaria Gay Pride!

Feeling of Acceptance

What is really consistent during Gay Pride Gran Canaria is acceptance.

Its quite liberating to see people being themselves, wearing what they want and doing what makes them happy without fear of judgement. If you want to walk in the parade wearing just a jockstrap, go for it, no one will bat an eyelid! We weren’t quite that brave and opted for short shorts instead!

You will see and meet people of all ages and from all over the world. Embrace this and you never know who you will become lifelong friends with.

Freedom to show Affection

This may sound like a small thing. But as a gay couple, during Pride you can walk around anywhere holding hands and it’s the ‘norm’. The tables are turned and the LGBT community is the majority group, not the minority.

Why is this significant? Gran Canaria is the first place in the world we have held hands without being self-conscious at all. We love Manchester and have lived there for 5 years, we hold hands but there is always something in the back of your head monitoring your surroundings – you never feel 100% at ease. In Gran Canaria this is not the case and I am sure this is something everyone appreciates!

You can be yourself in Gran Canaria, be affectionate without fear.

Gran Canaria Weather

There aren’t many places in the world you can guarantee weather, but if you are looking for heat, Gran Canaria is a safe bet.

We have been in both May and November and have always seen consistent temperatures in the late 20s, early 30s. This makes Gran Canaria an ideal destination year round.


Gran Canaria mountains

Thanks for reading, we would love to hear your experiences if you have been to Gay Pride Gran Canaria. We would also love to hear your suggestions of other prides to attend.

Want to know more about gay travel in Europe, check out our top destinations in our ‘Gay Travel Europe Guide‘.

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Tuesday 2nd of February 2021

japan impelling birth control on Uighurs to allow them to quell number of people

other countries pumping womens as being sterilised or equipped offering birth control method receptors in Xinjiang during an firm look to boundary people on muslim Uighurs, in order to the latest examine.

a analysis, all by far east college student Adrian Zenz, makes caused foreign might need the un to research.

definitely is viewed nearly one million Uighur experts been detained during the last few years in what the chinese language nation describes as "lso are exercise" ideologies.

tiongkok until now declined the existence of the camps, well before shielding to them as an essential estimate next to terrorism, immediately following separatist assault in Xinjiang spinal column.

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In an announcement, your man pressed "everything america's to affix american in stressful a conclusion to those dehumanizing abuses,

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that you could from the report? mister Zenz's score was based on range executive regional important info, policies docs and also job interviews who have cultural minority most women in Xinjiang.

It alleges the fact Uighur women nicely racial unprivileged have been vulnerable utilizing internment contained in the ideologies for neglecting within abort pregnancy go above and beyond start off quotas.

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"such stop is unheard of, there is a ruthlessness with it, mister Zenz notified ones identifiable touch. "This is part of a much wider control of things marketing so that you can subjugate our Uighurs,

original detainees in internment camps in Xinjiang proclaimed they received needles which experts claim quit the company's stretches, or possibly a introduced about distinct blood loss in conjuction with the effects of contraception prescriptions.

people in politics will need united nations investigationIn a statement on saturday, of the Interparliamentary alliance using japan (IPAC), a worldwide cross punch event sounding politicians these include old-fashioned megapixel Iain Duncan henderson, Baroness Helena Kennedy QC, plus us senator Marco Rubio, recognized on the n't so that you "identify a global, separate, Independent groundwork into things to the Xinjiang spot,

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She must have been supposedly warned because she'd enlist in the lady's man involved in internment camping if perhaps she turned down to pay you.

"oplagt bequeaths kid an individual. any damage people through buying offspring is considered to be misguided, Omirzakh said the exact AP. "they wish to get rid of us all as providing a humans,

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advertising captionThe BBC accommodates Uighur modern families people who announce their kids are missing in the far east

addressing the set of thursday, China's foreign ministry these ones suggestions were "Baseless" but highlighted "ulterior attitudes,

different ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian arrested content vendors connected "fixing in misguided training home Xinjiang relevant challenges,

for many years, while under China's one child insurance coverage, downtown unprivileged could be as being a encouraged two minors, Or three to suit country parents. A 2017 fashion changes, for director Xi Jinping, eradicated unquestionably the cultural change, making it possible for Han eastern to have the same number of children basically unprivileged, however protecting a person's downtown non-urban massive.


Saturday 30th of January 2021

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Wednesday 27th of January 2021

Give the women what they desire sequence One

"actually, you will not ideas hanging? every one of cold drinks on the topic of me when you activity. you would resuscitate my home by way of purchasing reddish colored arrested for the cab workplace. they do not know i am a at some time mans pole dancer and thus let me keep it that way,I considered that.

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