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Gay Honduras | LGBTQ Travel Guide

When we travelled Central America we were naturally a little bit concerned about our safety in Honduras and in El Salvador. We opted to join an organised tour to safely see and pass through these two countries. As a result, we did not get the time to explore ‘gay Honduras‘ ourselves. [no_toc]

However, we did manage to get in contact with an LGBTQ local called Joshua to learn more about gay life in Honduras. Here is what he had to say:

Is Honduras Gay Friendly?

gay honduras

Most Hondurans have the stereotype of gays as effeminate people or transgender – they view it as the same thing. It may change for the better though if you were to visit a touristic place, or a big city.

In the islands of the North or South of Honduras, for gay tourists it is ok – people don´t really care. I remember some years ago I took my boyfriend to Amapala, the biggest island in the south of the country. We were holding hands, playing in the sea, kissing and no problem!

It is way better now than before. Gay people are more accepted, but unfortunately we do still have homophobia.

Is it legal to be gay in Honduras?

Yes it is legal to be gay in Honduras. There is also a law that banned any kind of discrimination anywhere in Honduras (sexual orientation included). The gay organizations are working on that each year and it’s not easy!

We do not have gay marriage rights yet however.

We have even had an LGBTQ+ candidate running for a position in congress. It is really promising that they had the chance to participate as openly gay candidates.

Gay bars in Honduras

Yes, we have a very good gay scene in Honduras.  There are nice gay bars and clubs in exclusive areas and malls in the main cities.

We have gay organisations in different places throughout Honduras who organise gay prides and marches.

We have no saunas or gay brothels as the gay community of Honduras is not into that as much as other Central American countries. Here it is sort of more sophisticated.

What advice would you give an LGBTQ+ traveller coming to Honduras? (what to do and what not to do)

To visit our touristic islands, main cities, archaeological sites, dance our local music, try our food. Good advice is to foresee the area where you are going to, be polite and don’t exaggerate, be cautious, and in big cities try to use private cabs, they are very cheap and fast.

gay honduras

Thanks so much for letting us interview you! We only spent two days in Honduras and appreciate there is so much more to see! As Joshua said, make sure you plan correctly and be cautious – the easiest and safest thing is to just book an organised tour!

If you want more inspiration for Honduras, check out this guide ‘Things to do in Honduras‘ from a fellow travel blogger.

Who is Joshua?

Hi, my name is Joshua. I am 37, from Honduras and I work as an elementary teacher.

I really enjoy travelling and meeting new people to learn about their culture and stories.

My favourite place to go is the beach. I love the ocean, the sand and the sun. I think the beach is the perfect place to rest, think, party etc, well to do anything!!

As a teacher I like Science and now after many years I am a first grade teacher. I really love working with young kids. I spend much of my time improving myself as a teacher to be up to date with matters related to education.

Also I am a couchsurfer, and I love to have people visit, to help them and to learn a bit about their country. I used to be a party monster but I am more relaxed now. I like beer, books and good conversation.

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