Our Top 10 Gay Instagrammers and Gay Influencers for 2023

There are so many amazing gay Instagrammers and gay influencers out there we could easily list hundreds – but lets start with just 10.

We are always excited and inspired to see what these gay instagrammers come up with next, whether it’s fashion, travel, breath-taking photography or LGBTQ+ activism.

Never underestimate how much effort goes into creating quality gay Instagram content!

We have included gay Instagram Influencers that we have met in real life as well as ones that we have been following for a long time.

Let us know who else we should add to the our gay Instagram influencer list! 

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Here are some of our favorite gay pages to follow on Instagram:

The Globetrotter Guys

While you’re here allow us to throw some shameless self-promotion out there!

We are Sion and Ben, ‘The Globetrotter Guys’ and if you head over to our gay Instagram account you can expect vibrant, fun and hopefully inspirational photos showcasing some of the incredible destinations we have travelled to (from the perspective of a gay couple) as well as some of the best gay prides and events.

We are always trying to share new places and inspiring travel ideas so come and follow us to see where we end up next!

Head over to @theglobetrotterguys

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Mike Rizzi

Mike is from Canada and we met him on our trip to Chicago Pride this year.

We absolutely love his colourful style and the fact that he is always smiling. He also has some very creative stop motion videos on his Instagram account which are well worth checking out! Make sure you also head over to his YouTube channel.

Find Mike @mikerizzi

gay instagrammers and gay influencers

Olly Pike

Olly is from the UK and if you have not heard of him then make sure to Google what he has been up to.

He is the author of LGBTQ+ inclusive children’s books and has been on BBC News recently given that from September 2020, LGBTQ+ relationship/family education from a young age is becoming mandatory in the UK.


We love what he is doing and wish that we had his books when we were in school. It’s incredibly important to teach acceptance and normalise different families from a young age, homophobia is learnt after all.

We met Olly in Slovenia and he is a super cute and friendly guy.

Find Olly @ollypike

gay instagrammers and gay influencers

Riccardo Simonetti

Keeping things international, we met Berlin-based Riccardo during our Chicago trip aswell.

Genuinely one of the nicest guys we have met, his Instagram is non stop with modelling, TV appearances and pure entertainment.

Check out Riccardo @riccardosimonetti

gay instagrammers and gay influencers


Strify is Riccardos partner in crime from Germany who was also with us in Chicago.

He describes himself on his account as a pop culture weirdo and freedom fighter, who also has a background in the music industry.

We are pretty sure you will love his outfits too, he is smashing gender stereotypes and we love it! 

Head over to @strify

gay instagrammers and gay influencers

Josh Harrison

Josh is a queer nightlife host, dancer, model and seriously into his fitness.

We first met Josh on our trip to Slovenia and later that year ended up in the London Pride parade together!

He is constantly giving us fashion inspiration and it doesn’t hurt that he’s a pretty boy so go check him out:


gay instagrammers and gay influencers

The Travelling Gays

If you are looking for gay couple goals then check out Doug and Sanj.

They always manage to take super cute couple photos wherever they go and have just got married!

Check out their account and let them put a smile on your face @thetravellinggays

gay instagrammers and gay influencers

Calum McSwiggan

Calum is a writer, filmmaker, YouTuber and radio presenter who is passionate about LGBTQ+ representation.

We met Calum during our press trip to Slovenia and had a fun night out in Ljubljana! His Instagram is full of his latest adventures, a lot of mesh tops and plenty of rainbows.

You can find Calum @calummcswiggan

gay instagrammers and gay influencers

The Hiking Husbands

If you ever need inspiration to get outdoors go and see what Jordan and Daniel from The Hiking Husbands have been up to.

They are serious couple and photography goals!

See where they are hiking to next @thehikinghusbands

gay instagrammers and gay influencers

The Travelin Bum (Jeff Perla)

This Instagram account tells you everything you need to know in the title. Guys all around the world sharing pictures of their bums in exciting locations. The account is run by @jeffperlaa (who you can also check out).

We love this account it because it shows a lot of body positivity and many of the posts come with a personal story about the individual who has been photographed (e.g their coming out story).

Go check out a peach or two @thetravelinbum

gay instagrammers and gay influencers

We will keep adding new people to our list as we continue on our travels! Make sure you follow all these accounts and show them some love!

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