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AfriGay Mauritius: All Gay, All Inclusive Vacation

This event has passed, read on a click this links to see future trips.

If you are looking for an all gay, all inclusive vacation in 2020 then seriously consider this one!

We lived in South Africa for a few months in 2019 and during our stay met Michael who runs AfriGay.

AfriGay is a travel company created to bring LGBTQ+ people from around the world together for an exclusive and unique experience, in Africa! [no_toc]

He is running the first ever all gay, all-inclusive vacation to Mauritius from 2-7 March 2020 and after telling us all about it, we wanted to share it with you if you are looking to travel somewhere new!

What does your all gay, all-inclusive vacation look like?

The debut AfriGay Mauritius event will be held for 5 nights at the 4 star Ambre Resort & Spa on the east coast of Mauritius.

gay mauritius all gay all inclusive vacation

The resort!

The resort has been completely taken over by AfriGay so that it will be an all gay clientele.

In Mauritius, you can expect pristine beaches, scorching sun and crystal clear waters as well as making new friends, dancing the night away at parties, live entertainment and activities throughout!

While most gay events focus on parties (and there will be plenty of parties) there is much more on offer to make the trip whatever you like. Whether that is yoga, beach fitness, windsurfing or snorkelling off the beach, you can definitely relax here.

Your host for the week will be the Queen of the Skies, Cathy Specific & her Seductively Saucy Trolley Dollies who are sure to liven the place up!

gay mauritius all gay all inclusive vacation


At night, they plan to show movies on the beach followed by parties at Ambre’s ‘Shaker’s’ nightclub. There will also be themed dinners, including a Magical Ball on the beach where you can rock up in anything you like!

And finally, AfriGay have a special guest coming along – the famous adult star Rocco Steele!

gay mauritius all gay all inclusive vacation

Rocco Steele

What packages are available?

There are 5 different packages available, all include:

  • 5 Nights’ all-inclusive accommodation
  • Return airport transfers
  • Full use of the resort’s facilities and activities
  • Full access to all AfriGay parties, events and activities (excluding those listed in the VIP Packages, the VIP add on package is available to everyone and will be launched soon)

For all the information on the trip, pricing and how to book head over here.

Is Mauritius Gay Friendly?

As a gay tourist in a resort, Mauritius will be very welcoming and you should not have any problems at all.

Like many places the story for a local is different. The younger population is becoming more progressive as time goes on and the LGBTQ+ community are technically legally protected from discrimination which is a start, but there is still a long way to go with local attitudes and laws.

The locals typically have conservative attitudes about LGBTQ+ people and as such LGBTQ+ people may face discrimination and bullying when coming out or accessing healthcare.

It is advisable to avoid public displays of affection outside your hotel.

This comes back around to the age-old question of what good does travelling to somewhere like Mauritius do?

We always think about safety and from everything we have read and been told, there aren’t any safety concerns for tourists at a resort.

This leads us on to thinking that an event like this would be a good thing, it’s more exposure showing that gay people exist and we hope that eventually leads to more acceptance – it also lets gay locals know they aren’t alone in the world.

Click the image below to find out more and book!

gay mauritius all gay vacation

Let us know if you plan to go, we would love to hear all about your experience!

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