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Gay Mykonos: Travel Guide to one of Europe’s Hottest Gay Destinations

Mykonos is the gay hotspot of Greece and for good reason!

We fell in love with Mykonos during our first visit with it’s iconic cobbled streets, white washed building, pristine beaches, culinary delights and vibrant gay scene – it really was a mini gay paradise.

It’s also incredibly stylish, trendy and caters well to those who like their luxury. You can expect to see many expensive yachts cruising around the island and equally many attractive guys also cruising around the island!

Mykonos has been known as a gay destination for years and home to one of the largest and most well-known gay circuit parties each August, Xlsior Mykonos, which draws crowds of over 30,000 gay men!

Party scene aside, Mykonos is a picturesque and relaxing island. If you are looking for an idyllic island getaway, we highly recommend.

In our gay Mykonos guide we will share everything you need to know, from the best gay beaches and gay bars, gay hotels, excursions, gay events and some practical tips for planning you trip.

 Find out everything to keep you busy in our guide to gay Mykonos!

gay Mykonos travel guide

The iconic streets of Mykonos


What made Mykonos gay in the first place?

It’s always intriguing as to why certain places become gay hotspots. From Gran Canaria, to Sitges, Madrid and Berlin, Mykonos is easily within the top 10 gay places in Europe.

One of the most famous gay hotspots in Mykonos is Jackie O’s and it has been said that it was Jackie Onassis herself who influenced the influx of gay travellers to Mykonos back in the 70’s bringing it to the attention of many gay men that followed her.

Over time it’s popularity grew and seeing the value of the LGBTQ travel market Mykonos and it’s locals fully embraced gay travellers and in the years following new gay bars, gay and gay friendly hotels popped up.

Fast forward to today and it’s earned its reputation in the gay travel hall of fame.

Where is the gay area of Mykonos?

gay mykonos travel guide

Whilst you should feel comfortable as a gay traveller anywhere in Mykonos, there are certainly some areas where the gay scene is more concentrated and well known – this is where we wanted to stay after all!

Mykonos town itself it where you will find the majority of all the main gay bars and clubs and hotels popular with gay travellers.

However, if you are looking for the gay beaches and gay beach clubs (including the infamous Jackie O’s), you will need to jump in a taxi a drive further afield. Check out our full Mykonos Gay Beach guide for more.

Gay Bars in Mykonos

Gay mykonos travel guide

We love the gay bar scene in Mykonos, both during the day and late into the night.

On our very first night out I had to drag Ben back to our hotel in the end since we were sailing the next day! We were both having the time of our lives and he did not want to leave!

During the day one of the best gay bars would have to be Jackie 0’s Beach Club. What more could you want than sitting back with a cocktail by the pool admiring all the guys parading around?

When it comes to ‘actual’ gay bars in Mykonos, there are 4 that are considered to be the main gay bars, a couple that mainly attract a gay crowd and one hotel bar:

  • JackieO (the bar in Mykonos town) – Not to be confused with the beach club this is one of the most iconic and popular gay bars in Mykonos. During the summer you can expect JackieO’ to be packed wall to wall with hot guys.


  • Babylon – with drag shows, a mixed crowd, theme nights, go go boys and a party to take you through to the early hours of the morning Babylon is one of the gay bars that people move on to later!


  • Lolas – this is a small, more intimate bar to sit, relax, have a cocktail and catch up with friends before heading to a busier party.


  • At54 Club – At54 is also open during the day for you to enjoy the outdoor terrace and once the sun sets you can move inside the club to party the for the rest of the evening.


  • Porta Bar – This is another cozy gay bar in Mykonos offering chilled early evening drinks and music before becoming a party stop later on in the night.


  • Gay Sunset Bar at Elysium Gay Hotel – It’s bar and terrace are open to the public and is very popular for watching the sunset with drinks and a sunset cabaret show.

Whilst this may seem like a short list, Mykonos is a small island so these bars get busy and have a great atmosphere in high season.

Gay Friendly and Gay Hotels in Mykonos

Everywhere in Mykonos will welcome you as a gay traveller with open arms, however if you are looking specifically for accommodation that is popular with the gay crowd check out the following options:

Gay mykonos travel guide

Elysium Hotel

  • Elysium Hotelwith sea views and incredible sunsets, Elysium is one of the more popular gay hotels in Mykonos. Based in Mykonos town it is a in a very convenient location. Check rates and availability.


  • Geranium Hotel –this is an exclusively gay hotel (adults only) with a pool and large sun terrace. It is set back inland but not too far from the action.

With it’s style and charm, Mykonos also has plenty of gay friendly luxury hotels, if you want to treat yourself take a look at:

Mykonos gay hotel guide

Theoxenia Mykonos

  • Mykonos Theoxenia: Mykonos Theoxenia boutique hotel in Mykonos Town (great location for the gay bars) and is one of the most famous boutique hotels in Greece. It has a fresh, luxurious, modern aesthetic. Check rates and availability.



  • Boheme: Also on the edge of Mykonos Town, Boheme is a luxury hotel featuring a free-form pool and a furnished sun terrace with unobstructed sea view. It is also part of ‘Small Luxury Hotels of the World’. Check rates and availability.

Mykonos Gay Beaches

Mykonos gay beach

We loved the gay beaches in Mykonos although we did not know where to look, I had to tell Ben to put his tongue away!

Mykonos offers a few different options when it comes to gay beaches including of course a nude beach. Check out our full guide to the Gay Beaches in Mykonos for more information, however the shortlist includes:

  • Elia Gay Beach – this is the main gay beach and the most popular in Mykonos. It is fairly obvious since you will see the pride flag as you enter. Facing the sea, head right along the coast, over some rocks and you will spot a cove which is the gay nudist beach.


  • Super Paradise Beach – this was the original gay beach before Elia and is currently the most popular beach for all on the island.


  • Paradise Beach – this is the party beach with night clubs including Cavo Paradiso, Tropicana and Paradise Club. These play music all through the day giving it a beach party vibe throughout.

 Super Paradise and Paradise both have some beautiful beach clubs and places to eat (albeit very pricey).

All three beaches offer sun loungers but again it is worth noting these are quite pricey also at up to €45.

Gay Events in Mykonos

Xlsior Festival

gay events in Mykonos Xlsior

One of the most exclusive international Summer Gay Festivals in the world, Xlsior Mykonos is huge and attracts over 30,000 people every year. Try spotting us in the picture above!

We first went in 2019 and were overwhelmed by the incredible venues, entertainment, production, atmosphere and of course, the guys.

The combination of one of the most well known gay circuit parties on one of the most beautiful gay hotspots in Europe was amazing!

Check out ‘Everything you need to know about Xlsior Mykonos’.

What not to miss on your visit to Gay Mykonos

gay mykonos guide

The top things to do in Mykonos are of course relaxing at the beach, eating and drinking but we would encourage you to try and tick of the following 5 things during your visit.

  1. Visit Little Venice including the iconic windmills (pictured above)
  2. Watch sunset at one of the small bars lining the coast
  3. Spend the day at the beach (goes without saying!)
  4. Hire a car/quad and explore the island for yourself
  5. Join a sailing trip, especially for sunset!

Gay Saunas and Gay Cruising in Mykonos?

It may be one of the top gay destination in Europe, but there are currently no gay saunas in Mykonos.

Church of Paraportiani

However there are some well known gay cruising spots, the most popular being the Church of Paraportiani (above) although don’t expect to find anything mentioned on TripAdvisor about that!

Mykonos Gay Tours

Mykonos is a natural addition to many group gay tours around Greece.

We first visited as part of our trip with Pride Sailing Holidays who run gay sailing trips to Greece and gay sailing trips to Croatia.

For more specifically gay tours check out

Other Useful Information about Gay Mykonos

Gay Shops in Mykonos?

In terms of shops aimed at gay tourists, head to ES Collection (one of our top ten favourite gay underwear brands) where you can pick up the latest swimwear and clothing.

What is the currency in Mykonos?

The currency in Mykonos is the Euro.

Getting around Mykonos

The public transport system gets a lot of bad press but if you plan it well, it is a very cost-effective way to get around the main spots on the island. Getting from Mykonos Town to Elia Beach was very cheap and straightforward.

However, many people opt for taxis as this is often quicker and more reliable (albeit more expensive).

Is Mykonos Expensive?

A very common question, ‘is Mykonos expensive’? The simple answer is yes.

Mykonos is known for being a luxury destination and as such prices tend to be at a premium. For example expect to pay c €15 for a spirit and mixer and c€7 for a beer in most bars.

Weather and the best time to visit Mykonos

The best time to visit Mykonos (peak season) is between June and September. The ‘gay peak’ season is towards the end of August around Xlsior.

Throughout these months the weather is very warm and the sea the ideal temperature to jump into!

If you prefer a quieter trip, consider the shoulder seasons of May and October although there will be less places open but you will benefit from cheaper hotel rates.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Mykonos and can not wait to return one day. Ideally, we would love to do the final couple nights of Xlsior followed by a week of relaxation, let’s see what next year has in store!

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