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Get ready for Gay Pride Month: Your Ultimate Checklist!  

Get ready for all the rainbows because June is officially Gay Pride Month and each year it fills us with excitement!

June was chosen to be Gay Pride Month to commemorate the Stonewall riots, which happened in June 1969 and were considered to spark the beginning of the gay rights movement in the US.

The Stonewall riots are a very significant point in LGBT history and one we must not forget. As a result, June is the month where the majority of pride events happen all around the world.

We would like to consider ourselves pros when it comes to attending gay pride. We’ve been to our fair share and had the most incredible time at every single one.

We have particularly loved Sitges Pride, Barcelona Pride, Madrid Pride and Gran Canaria Pride: yes we love Spain. We have also been to some lesser known prides including Rome, Cape Town Pride and Leeds for those from the UK! [no_toc]

gay pride month

We’ve put together the ultimate Gay Pride Month checklist for you to make sure you are ready for each and every pride you attend. Find out what to take, what to wear and how to prepare!

1.      Get yourself some rainbow swag!

We love seeing rainbow flags when we travel somewhere new – it just gives you a little ‘nod’ to say that you are welcome here.

When it comes to gay pride month, get involved and bring along your own gay pride flag to add to the all the colour. Wave it, wear it as a cape or just cover yourself in rainbow face-paint and you are one step closer to being ready.

We love these rainbow socks if you need some inspiration!

2.      What to wear for Gay Pride Month?

Anything, everything and nothing. But consider the weather!

This is something we really love about pride all around the world and don’t always see at other events. You really do get to be yourself, wear what you want and no one bats an eyelid.

At the moment we are loving everything from JJ Malibu including the crop top below! They also sell comfy (tiny) shorts which have zips: this is important because unfortunately crowds attract pickpockets so a zip does help a lot!

You can take a 20% discount on your JJ Malibu order with the code GLOBETROTTER which will be automatically applied at checkout through this link.

gay pride month

Cape Town Pride

We see people in jeans and a t-shirt, dresses, short shorts, speedos (take a look at these), full on drag, fancy dress and even less if you dare! If you head to Gran Canaria don’t be surprised to see people parading in a little jockstrap (we like this PUMP! one) – anything goes!

No one really cares and it’s a very liberating experience! Just be yourself.

3.      What to do with your valuables?

This is an important one. There are many parties and parades during Gay Pride Month and we don’t want you getting robbed.

With crowds comes pickpockets. It’s a shame, but that is the reality.

We really get frustrated when we see phones and wallets sticking out of peoples back pockets so don’t be that person!

How to avoid losing your valuables? Here are our ideas:

·       Don’t bring them – sometimes we just want to relax and enjoy the parade or party without worrying. We just bring cash and nothing else.

·       Tight jeans/shorts (no loose pockets) – keeping your phone/wallet in the front pocket of tight jeans is a pretty safe option. Sometimes we struggle to pull our phones out of our pockets ourselves, let alone someone trying to discreetly pickpocket you.

·       Drawstring bags – have your valuables in one of those backpacks that you have to physically take off to open. Don’t have a backpack on your back which has easy zips or clips, and if you do, wear it on your front. Get a basic drawstring backpack one like this.

·       Bum bag (or fanny pack if you are from the US) – we feel like these are now on trend, we keep seeing them everywhere around Europe. Having your valuables in one around your waist, inside your trousers or across your chest is definitely a safer option. We like this one since its water resistant and designed to fit most iPhones/Samsungs etc.

4. Do not forget sunglasses!

We hope and pray for sun wherever we go. Since Gay Pride Month is in June, sun should be on the cards.

Make sure you have some good sunglasses with you firstly for the sun, but secondly for the bigger prides, to cover the effects of partying!

Our go to for a long time has simply been the Original Wayfarer Ray Bans in black.

5.       Sun Screen

Do we really have to explain this one? June can be hot! This mist style sun screen is our favourite.

6.     And an umbrella?

Who knows, if you go anywhere in the UK at any time of the year it can be sunny and rainy in one day. Take a tiny travel umbrella just in case.

7. Be prepared 

‘Intimacy kit’ – lets be realistic, pride events can be a lot of fun and you can end up meeting lots of new friends and some extra special ‘friends’ – be prepared take a look at this ‘Skyn Intimacy Collection Set’ which puts everything you need into one box.

8. Bring the right attitude!

Pride events are without fail the most friendly, welcoming and fun events we attend.

Be open to making new friends, meeting new people and don’t hesitate to say hi! We have all heard too many times about certain stereotypes that we don’t like – don’t be one of them!

9. Know your hashtags

We all love social media, and while likes and comments are great, the real purpose is about connecting people, hence the name ‘social’.

Get some hashtags ready in your notes to copy and paste onto your posts and add your experience for others to see.

Many a time we have added our posts and other travellers have commented saying ‘We are here too! Let’s meet up!’. It’s been a great way to meet like-minded people.

10. Check out the pride parade route

We have fallen foul to this many a time. At just 5’4’’ we need a good view of the parade and you should never underestimate how busy a pride parade can be!

We recommend checking out the route and starting time and planning accordingly. We tend to avoid the starting point and walk further down the route where it is typically quieter, with a better view!

If you are really savvy, you might want to book a hotel with a balcony overlooking the parade route (or make friends with someone who has)! That’s one for the mega organised and you will be rewarded with the best view of all!

11. Book in advance!

If you are thinking about one of the bigger prides like Madrid you must book in advance. Once all the reasonable hotels are booked up you might struggle. We have made this mistake one too many times!

Whatever you do, make sure you check on TripAdvisor before you book. We have found some great ‘deals’ before, only to find that the reviews are terrible.

12. Do you need tickets?

Some prides are completely free, some aren’t.

Make sure to check out the details of the pride you are attending so that you aren’t disappointed when you arrive.

If you do need tickets, many offer early bird deals for the organised ones amongst you.

gay pride month

We hope you find our top tips useful and have the best Gay Pride Month yet! Let us know any other tips you have!

Check out these gay prides:

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