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Gay Saunas in Berlin: Best Gay Sauna in Europe?

As a gay couple, Berlin is incredibly welcoming, liberating and a lot of fun and we highly reccomend checking out the gay sauna in Berlin on your next visit.

We found that compared to the UK, the culture here allowed for much more open self expression and the people have a very ‘matter of fact’ and ‘no shame’ attitude when it comes to having some ‘fun’ with your partner or someone new in the city.

It’s therefore no surprise that it has been said the gay sauna in Berlin is one of the best gay saunas in Europe and if you’ve not been to a gay sauna before, Berlin could be the place to try! [no_toc]

Gay Saunas in Berlin

Even though Berlin has a huge gay scene, with many gay bars, clubs and shops, you might find it is surprising is that there is currently only one gay sauna in Berlin.

Whilst there may be only one Berlin, it is huge and spans over three floors. Read our experience of the gay sauna in Berlin below:

Best Gay Sauna in Berlin: Der Boiler

best gay saun in berlin

Penned as one of the most visited gay saunas in Europe, Der Boiler is something that many gay travellers tick off their list during their visit to Berlin.

The entrance to the sauna is slightly through an archway off the street and made obvious by a very large metal door – depending on when you go there may be a queue.

Upon entry you pay your fee and are given a towel, a band for your locker that you can also charge drinks/food to and flip flops – the reception is well lit and the staff super friendly, they explained how everything worked.

Once you have paid, head up the stairs to the changing area. This is a huge area with plenty of space, is well lit and has hundreds of lockers etc.

When you have derobed and have your towel on you can head one level down to food and bar area. Here you can buy drinks, snacks and even full meals (some people spend all day here).

best gay saun in berlin

Finally head down one more level to where all the facilities and action is…

The first part you arrive in is chill, with heated seating areas, a large jacuzzi, showers etc. To the left various saunas, straight ahead a steam sauna maze (which is quite dark) and to the right more saunas, film rooms, dark rooms and many private spaces.

The place is a bit of a maze, take your time to explore and get familiar as it would be easy to miss a section.

You can even request spa treatments and massages. More recently they have extended their wellness program to offer relaxing yoga and gymnastics classes in their new yoga room (upstairs).

Make sure you check their event page for special nights etc.

Gay Sauna in Berlin: Der Boiler Review

We can see why this is one of the most popular gay saunas in Europe. We were impressed by how immaculately clean it was throughout the entire place.

It was also way less intimidating that expected. Especially since the first two levels are open, bright and set up to socialise. We can see why people could spend hours here quite easily.

Even getting down to the bottom floor, the first part is very chill to ease you into things. Whether looking to relax or looking for fun, this offers both and thats something we really liked.

Der Boiler Opening Times

The BOILER is open 365 days a year as follows:

Monday – Thursday 12:00 PM – 06:00 AM.

Friday 12:00 PM non stop till Monday 06:00 AM.

Der Boiler Entrance Costs

There are a number of different price tiers for 6 hour sessions including:

  • Single entry: €25
  • Early Bird (12:00-14:00 M-F): €18
  • Night owls (24:00-06:00 Sun-Thu): €18
  • Youth rate (up to age 26 with ID): €18
  • Plus extra deals (full details on their website)

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