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33 Gay Short Films and Movies: Must Watch!

There are so many incredible gay short films and movies available, it was hard to narrow them down to this shortlist.

Whilst there are more and more full-length gay films available (check out the Best Gay Movies on Netflix), historically these have been few and far between which is why directors have often turned to gay short films instead.

Many of these can easily be found on YouTube and you will notice a lot of common themes amongst them; coming out, bullying, break ups and secret love to name a few. [no_toc]

What is a Gay Short Film?

A gay short film is an original motion picture with a running time of 40 minutes or less focusing on a topic relevant to the LGBTQ community or focusing an LGBTQ cast.

The challenge is to create a gripping, deep and meaningful storyline in a very short time – the gay short films in this shortlist certainly hit these markers.

33 of the Best Gay Short Films and Movies

Protect me from what I Want (2009)

gay short films and movies

This was one of the first gay short films that I watched, mainly because I had a crush on the actor Elliot Tittensor.

Saleem is an Indian student living in Leeds (UK) with his parents. He meets Daz (Elliot Tittensor) in a gay cruising spot, and they spend the night together.

Following the encounter Saleem immediately shows signs of regret and internalised homophobia, something I am sure a lot of the audience has experienced at some point, however upon leaving he does turn round to smile at Daz.

Running time: 14 minutes

In a Heartbeat (2017)

This adorable animated gay short film was released in 2017 and went viral.

A boy has a crush on another boy and he is too shy to confess, but his heart is not so shy at all and quite literally pulls them together.

Running time: 4 minutes

Turn it around (2021)

In this very relatable gay short film we see 15 year old Bram head to a house party with all his friends.

Not knowing Bram is gay, his friends hype him up for the hottest girls, but he simply can not take his eyes off new boy Florian on the dancefloor.

With building tension, constant stares and on the edge of touching hands, out comes spin the bottle…

Running time: 9 minutes

Not Me (2020)

Short, powerful and based on true events, Not Me focuses on a waiter being pressured by a predatory hotel guest.

Running time: 7 minutes

Brothers (2021)

gay short films and movies

This was beautiful.

Without words and only a musical score being played over the scenes, this short gay film made me cry.

Brothers follows a Muslim, queer Arab boy who realizes he is different, and is fortunate to have an older brother who stands by him and encourages him to be himself, in the face of bias and adversity.

Winner of 12 Jury & Audience Awards, the short film aims to shed light on the nuances of LGBTQ+ life in a familial, religious space.

Running time: 9 minutes.

I’m Not Gay (2020)

This one made me smile.

For a little bit of light relief, this very short gay comedy (4 minutes only) shows two friends just itching to tell each other they are gay.

Running time: 4 minutes


This is another gay short film about coming out/coming of age.

Marco, a 20-year-old boy returns home from college ready to come out to his friends when he meets a surprise party guest…

Running time: 7 minutes

Poof (2018)

If you grew up in a small town and felt like the only gay in the village this one might resonate with you.

A chance encounter at a party leads 18 year old Aaron who lives and works with his Dad, to experience his first ‘down low’ relationship and battle with coming out….

Great acting and like many of these gay short films, completely relatable.

Running time: 17 minutes

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (2020)

gay short films and movies

Named after the archaic and no longer in place US military rule of ‘Don’t ask don’t tell’, this short gay film briefly explores internalised homophobia and the ‘will they won’t they’ concept.

Running time: 12 minutes

Dare (2013)

One of the many recurring themes in many of these gay short movies is the gay high school experience of when you start getting ‘the feels’ for other guys.

Dare focuses on Ben lusting after a classmate and finally getting into a position where they end up together in a pool and ‘things’ happen’.

Running time: 16 minutes

In a Moment (2020)

This is a multi award-winning gay short film which focuses on Max who isn’t sure about his sexual orientation until he meets Leon who is out and proud in school.

A good modern-day portrayal of the majority of peoples attitudes being much ore accepting, but still highlighting that homophobia is very much alive.

Running time: 17 minutes


Ex-lovers meet again in this award winning short gay film.

Buddy focuses on ex boyfriends meeting with one supporting the other as he goes to the clinic for a HIV test.

Whilst their initial meet feels awkward, there could be a spark that has not quite fizzled out.

Running time: 11 minutes

First Date Feelings in London

short gay films on youtube

‘You look like your pics’. A light hearted and realistic depiction of a Grindr date that could be successful…

A short film that following Jamie who is looking for his first relationship but has had nothing but disappointment so far….that is until he starts chatting to Ben, is he finally going to have a positive experience?

Running time: 9 minutes

See you Soon

Keeping on the gay dating app theme, after months of talking online our protagonist travels across the country to spend a weekend away and hoping to find a love connection.

Running time: 17 minutes


Adolescence can be such a drag.

Exploring the drag scene in Blackpool in 1997, Paul Bigsby is just trying to get through his teenage years, cope with family and high school bullies.

With many awards and nominations, another great gay short film to watch.

Running time:18 minutes


If you have ever struggled with loneliness, take a look at this gay short film.

“Ubaal” is about a boy who is struggling with loneliness in his life and he is waiting for someone who can remove the emptiness of his life.

Running time: 16 minutes

Two Little Boys

gay short films and movies

I was immediately hooked into this storyline of Josh who is being aggressively bullied in school.

Things turn dark when Josh accuses his bully of r*pe. This one hits hard and will leave you aghast.

Running time: 13 minutes

Pretty Boy

Pretty Boy explores the sad and dangerous reality of the lengths some parents will go to to try and ‘correct’ their children.

After his devoutly religious father finds some gay magazines in his sons room, Sean (the son) is taken to a motel and is given a prostitute for his 18th birthday. He must sleep with her to “fix” his homosexuality.

Running time: 32 minutes


One of the slightly longer gay short films at 35 minutes, FAG is a gay film about homophobia.

Thomas, a seventeen-year-old-boy, is attracted to Esteban, another boy from highschool. A rumor about Thomas’s homosexuality is quickly spread around the school, and he begins to face discrimination…

Running time: 35 minutes


Like so many people, Andri wears a mask, his smile is forced and he is playing a role as dictated by society.

As Andri’s desire for who he truly wants to be increases and he has the chance to go on his first date, the pressure builds to a very cute coming out.

Running time: 13 minutes


gay short films and movies

Short and sweet, a very visual tale of being different growing up and realising you aren’t as alone as you thought.

Running time: 3 minutes


Breathe is an award winning gritty short gay film.

A bare-knuckle boxing traveller struggles to come to terms with his young son’s femininity.

Classic tဝxic masculinity at play, again something I am sure we can all resonate with.

Running time: 14 minutes

Straight A

Alex Chen is a gay student with Taiwanese roots who is scared about coming out to his traditional and conservative father.

He is struggling to balance his secret long term relationship with Kyle with the image he feels the need to portray to his father, ultimately he has to face up to the truth (in the most adorable way).

Running time: 8 minutes

Foreign Lovers

Can you fall in love in 24 hours?

A lonely New Yorker serendipitously meets a mysterious foreigner and sparks ignite. A meditation on life and love in the digital age.

Running time:17 minutes

The Good Waiter (Gay Short Film)

short gay films

Romantic, sweet but also disturbing and weird, ‘The Good Waiter’ challenges our views of having ambitions and aspirations.

Running time:14 minutes.

You Say Hello

Returning to his family home to end his life, a suicidal young gay man is taken aback by a chance encounter with a hustler which halts him in his tracks.

Running time: 22 minutes

My Name is Love

Can an innocent chance encounter always be that innocent? Love and Sebastian meet by chance but secrets they both hold lead to unforeseen and severe consequences.


Running time: 20 minutes

Petit Ami

Throwing caution to the wind and having little regard for anyone, 20-year-old Jaspar arranges a date with an older man, Vincent at motel Petit Ami. However, not is all as it seems as Vincent’s secrets come to surface….

Running time: 16 minutes

It’s Still you Bed

gay short films and movies

Reminiscent of the full-length gay film Call me by your name, David returns home from college to find that he has a new roommate in the form of Brent, the new farm hand.

The attraction grows but will either of them say anything?

Running time: 17 minutes

Men Don’t Whisper

This is a bizarre one although sadly this kind of thing does happen due to societal pressures…

Gay couple Reese and Peyton are emasculated and embarrassed at a conference, their response to prove their masculinity is to try and sleep with a women, will they go through with it?

Running time 21 minutes


Another very short and sweet gay film at 5 minutes.

Break ups are never easy and Adam is not handling things so well. This short feels like a conversation I am sure many people have had, very relatable and hard hitting.

Running time: 5 minutes


Set in the past where the class divide is more evident than ever, Master Thomas Croyden can’t quite concentrate with the new young gardener around. With multiple barriers to their affair expect drama, betrayal and a WTF ending.

 Running time: 23 minutes.

One Up

I thought it would be cool to make a film about girls doing something really, “un-lady like,” and being brutal – Julia Thompson

As Hadley engages with her ice hockey teammates and is confronted with the reality that not only does she like girls, but they may not like her back, her inner judgement and turmoil is palpable. As Hadley gets humiliated unintentionally by her teammates, it’s clear that growing up and taking risks is also synonymous with emotional casualties.

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