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The 10 Hottest Gay Swimwear Brands of 2024

We love heading to the best gay beaches in the world or best gay circuit parties and showing off one of the many gay swimwear brands we love.

It should come as no surprise that our suitcases have ended up well stocked with all of our favourite a gay swimwear brands because most of the time that’s all we seem to wear!

We appreciate the fact that these gay swimwear brands actually exist – they did not when we were younger!

Whilst all of these gay swimwear labels can be worn by everyone and everyone (not exclusively gay), it is clear that they specifically cater to the gay male market in ways that most high street retailers simply don’t.

We also like the fact that if you spot someone else wearing one of these gay swimwear brands then you can be 99% certain they are also gay – we always notice the other gay passengers on cruises (not gay cruises) by spotting who is wearing what!

If you are looking for more than just gay mens swimwear, check out these gay clothing brands for full outfit inspiration. If you are looking for something even less, head to our underwear guide.

As ever, it is always good to support gay owned or gay friendly businesses so if you needed an excuse to treat yourself, now you have one! [no_toc]

The 10 Hottest Gay Swimwear Brands

Let’s get started with some of the best gay mens swimwear brands.


This is one of our favourite gay swimwear brands which you will see all over our Instagram account (@theglobetrotterguys).

Addicted is based out of Spain and offers some of the best high quality swimwear available.

We love the range of styles they offer, from sleek and naughty to fun/tongue in cheek pieces (the back of the ones below say ‘slap this’).

If you start with one gay swimwear brand, make sure it is this one, they will always have you ready for your next vacation or circuit party!

For more head to

gay swimwear brands by addicted
Our favorite gay swimwear brand.

Garcon Model

This has to be joint first with Addicted, we love this gay swimwear brand and have been wearing Garcon on our most recent trips.

Garcon Model are about performance, comfort, sustainable practises (big tick from us) and bringing some high-end fashion to gay men’s swimwear. We really like the style and fit of the ‘graffiti’ swimwear we are wearing below.

They have also started bringing out additional accessories with some stand out elasticated shoulder harnesses that you can not miss. See more on their website.

gay swimwear brands

ES Collection

ES Collection and Addicted are sister companies. ES tends to provide cleaner, simple, premium styles of gay swimwear.

Both ES Collection and Addicted are manufactured in Spain to keep quality high (which we can attest to!). As a result, prices are higher than some other gay brands listed below but you get what you pay for.

gay swimwear brands

TOF Paris

The original creations by TOF Paris are made in France with quality fabrics. You can choose between men’s swim briefs, trunks or shorts and wear them with pride, as you are, gay or not, straight or queer!

This gay swimwear brand often incorporates enhancing technology systems. For example, internal pouch padding that gives a rounder and fuller pouch appearance which we are sure will always be well recieved at the beach!

gay swimwear brands

Charlie by Matthew Zink

If you are looking for premium, stylish and sleek swimwear we highly reccomend looking at this gay swimwear brand: Charlie by Matthew Zink.

We love the different styles, cuts and colours, especiallt the detail on the ones shown below.

Take a look on their website for more.

gay swimwear brands

Modus Vivendi

Modus Vivendi is a Greek gay swimwear brand which was launched in 1989.

They offer high quality men’s underwear, swimwear, activewear & loungewear.

Their vision is:

”The MV World draws inspiration from our Vision: to deliver a new experience in men’s underwear fashion with the Male Way of Life. We want you to set new standards and express yourself and your diversity”.

gay swimwear brands

JJ Malibu

JJ Malibu is a very fun gay swimwear brand (and they do a lot more).

You can find lots of cool/cheeky designs for around the pool or beach. We have had unicorns, lollipos and pineapple swimwear to name a few!

They are also very affordable compared to some of the more premium gay swimwear brands. Go to JJ Malibu for more..

gay swimwear brands


This was the first gay mens swimwear brand that we came across in our late teens and were very excited to receive!

aussieBum was founded in 2001 and (obviously) is based in Australia. This is another high quality brand with everything from sports ranges to fun ones, and some naughtier styles too.

Check out more here.

gay swimwear brands

Barcode Berlin

Barcode Berlin is predominantly a fetish brand but has expanded its range to also include some cool gay swimwear options. Their style is simple, bold and colourful.

Check out their website for more.

gay swimwear brand

Marco Marco

Marco Marco is designed and made in Los Angeles. The collection features bright color accents and geometric patterns that are fun, stylish and naughty. Available in briefs, trunks, jock straps, swim briefs, harnesses, leggings, and singlets.

gay underwear marco marco

We are constantly complaining that we need bigger suitcases and maybe you can now see why. Let us know what other gay swimwear brands we should be looking at and we can add them to our list!

If you are looking for more than just underwear, check out these gay clothing brands for full outfit inspiration.

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