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Gay Tours of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an incredible place to visit and one of the most welcoming countries for LGBTQ travellers in Central America. See our super detailed guide to gay Costa Rica for inspiration or our ten day Costa Rica Itinerary.

The best way to explore as much of Costa Rica is to go on a gay tour of Costa Rica with a gay travel guide/company.

As a result of everything we have discussed in our previous posts on Costa Rica, there are now a few Costa Rica gay travel companies to book trips with that will help you see as many different places as possible.

Why book a Gay Tour of Costa Rica?

On a gay tour of costa rica
On a gay tour of Costa Rica, ziplining throught the jungle.

There are a number of reasons we suggest booking a gay tour of Costa Rica. Both from a practical side and from an LGBTQ travel side:

  • We all know as LGBTQ travellers that we get questioned or asked if we are brothers, do we want a twin bed etc. With a gay tour company you can rest assured that all those niggles that can impact your vaction are gone.
  • Costa Rica is big and each place is unique, you want to see a little of every area if possible and we would have had a bit of trouble getting from place to place. There are plenty of organised buses and transfers available, but they are very expensive. The distances between places are quite large and there aren’t any trains. On a tour everything is taken care of door to door.
  • If you only have a couple of weeks (or less) we highly recommend letting someone else do all the organising for you! This is ultimately going to mean you get the most from your trip.
  • You will see more, be less stressed and probably save money because these type of companies have better rates with hotels, activities and transport.
  • And as ever, we are always a massive advocate of supporting LGBTQ run businesses – see our suggestion and trip planner below:

Gaycations Costa Rica

We came across Gaycations Costa Rica when we stayed at the gay owned and gay friendly Banana Azul. If you are looking for a Costa Rica gay travel company we highly recommend checking these guys out.

What we loved about Gaycations was their trip planner.

Just tick exactly what you want and submit to their team.

This includes your budget, transport preferences, what activities you like and what places you want to visit.

They will come back with a perfectly tailored tour. Check out the trip planner below to submit an enquiry today!

Costa Rica Gay Trip Planner

Use the below to plan your trip and submit an enquiry.

1 Choose Destinations
2 Choose Activities
3 Accommodation & Transport
4 Your Details
    We recommend the following:
    7 days or less - up to 3 destinations
    10-13 days - up to 4 destinations
    14 days or more - up to 5 destinations

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