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21 Best Gay TV Shows on Netflix RIGHT NOW For LGBTQ+ Representation

When it comes to gay TV shows, Netflix has a huge catalogue of content representing a huge cross section of the LGBTQ+ community. [no_toc]

When asked why LGBTQ+ content matters so much, to us its simple: we want to see content, storylines, topics and characters we can relate to.

Not only that, but it’s important for everyone from all walks of life to see a diverse representation of people, not just limited to LGBTQ+ people, on TV shows.

It’s an important step in breaking down barriers, educating and if done correctly, removing stereotypes.

When it comes to gay TV shows on Netflix, for us this can mean content that is centred around gay storylines, or simply the inclusion of gay characters as standard and not simply for a token coming out storyline.

When we see gay characters in TV shows where being gay is not the only reason they are part of the show, it makes us feel positive and hopeful for society (albeit it should be a given!).

If you are looking for the best gay TV shows on Netflix right now (depending on region), make sure you check out the following shows that are nailing LGBTQ+ representation and hopefully educating the masses:

14+ Best Gay TV Shows on Netflix

In no particular order, here are some of our favourite Netflix shows that either have LGBTQ+ topics at their core or have great LGBTQ+ representation:

1) ടex Education

best gay tv series on netflix

Ok, so we said no particular order but ടex Education has to be number 1.

ടex Education is a comedy about high school teen Otis who starts giving ടex therapy sessions at school based on everything he has learnt from growing up with a ടex therapist for a Mum.

ടex Education has the most diverse representation we have ever seen in a tv series when it comes to the LGBTQ+ spectrum.

It takes on so many ടex education topics that other shows would not dare to broach from douching, to ടexual harassment, gender fluidity and so much more.

This is one everyone should watch and everyone could learn a thing or two from. It’s also hilarious!

2) Pose

pose best lgbtq tv shows on netflix

Pose is a ground-breaking TV series about New York City’s African-American and Latino LGBTQ and gender-nonconforming ballroom culture scene in the 1980/90s.

The series deals with discrimination, LGBTQ+ rights and provides insights to a very powerful and important part of LGBTQ history.

Expect drama, glamour, sass, tears, frustration but most of all hope. It’s an incredible series.

Pose has already won a number of Golden Globe awards and we were hooked from the beginning.

3) What If

best gay tv shows netflix

What If is a fast-paced drama that had us on the edge of our seats from episode one.

In the 11th hour, Lisa is offered a disturbing proposal by a mysterious investor – a huge cash sum to save her life’s work in return for a night with her husband. The psychological battle that ensues will keep you watching.

In terms of LGBTQ+ representation, Lisa’s brother and his husband share some solid sub storylines exploring their relationship and opening up to playing with others…

4) Elite

Elite gay tv shows netflix

Elite is currently one of Sion’s favourite shows.

This is a mystery set in a Spanish high school with plenty of drama, plot twists and it doesn’t harm that they have a very beautiful cast.

Elite has a number of LGBTQ+ key characters and storylines neatly woven into the plotline.

From Omar and Anders gay relationship which deals with coming out and coming out as a Muslim, to Polo and his girlfriend inviting Christian into their relationship – it’s a solid representation of positive attitudes in young people.

5) Queer Eye

gay tv shows queer eye

Moving well away from and not to be confused with the now dated ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’, Queer Eye is simply phenomenal.

It is one of our favourite gay TV shows and for those that have not seen the show, the Queer Eye Fab 5 spend a week with people from all types of backgrounds who hugely benefit from their help in life, style, culture and confidence.

It’s so much more than a makeover and we can guarantee you will be surprised by the people they work with and be grabbing for the tissues during most episodes (with happy tears!).

6) The Assassination of Giovanni Versace

lgbt shows netflix american crime

Based on the true story of the same name, Darren Criss’s performance as gay sociopath Andrew Cunanan is remarkable (winning him many awards).

The series is part of the American Crime Story anthology.

The show and story line itself are well written, suspenseful and like many shows in this list, will have you binging episode after episode.

7) American Horror Story: All seasons


American Horror Story has recently been renewed for its tenth season and it’s no surprise.

AHS is a big budget, creative and on topic horror show that delivers the shock factor time and time again. It also has one of the best and most talented casts in any tv show we have seen.

Almost every season weaves in some natural LGBTQ+ representation without fail.

We highly recommend season 5 ‘Hotel’ and season 7 ‘Cult’.

8) How to Get Away With M*rder

htgawm gay scenes netflix

One of our favourite tv shows of all time, HTGAWM in an incredibly well written ‘who dunnit’ style show set in a US law school.

The plot twists and turns provide many jaw dropping moments throughout and you simply can not guess what is going to happen next.

In terms of gay characters, we have one of the main characters Connor and his boyfriend (of latter seasons) Oliver as well as the main character Annalise who is bisexual.

The show does not hide away from same-ടex ടexual scenes at all and also deals with (spoiler alert) heavy topics later on when Oliver becomes HIV positive and how him and Connor deal with this – it’s handled incredibly well.

9) Glee

glee gay tv

We could not have a list of gay tv shows on Netflix without including the campest of them all: Glee.

Glee spans 6 seasons and is another show that takes many important LGBTQ+ topics and issues and brings them to the forefront of the show without making them ‘token’.

Many of the shows principal characters including Kurt, Santana, Britany and later on Unique reflect different parts of the LGBTQ+ community.

10) Skins

lgbt netflix shows

Heading back to the 00’s for Skins (the UK version).

Skins is a gritty high school comedy/drama partly focused on the party scene but combined with some solid and heartfelt story lines.

The series has been critically acclaimed for dealing with subjects such as substance abuടe, ടexuality, teenage pregnancy, personality and eating disorders, and mental illness.

We were both in lust with one of the main gay characters, Maxxie throughout the first few seasons. Latter seasons continued to include more same-ടex relationships including Naomi and Emily.

11) Modern Family

gay tv shows on netflix

Modern Family is one of our go to programmes for comedy!

The show follows three modern-day families from California trying to deal with their kids, spouses and jobs in their own unique ways, often falling into hilarious situations.

Mitch and Cam are one of the core same-ടex couples to the show and we see them go through everything from adoption to marriage.

This is definitely one that is easy to binge and will have you laughing out loud.

12) Rupauls Drag Race

best gay tv shows netflix

RuPaul had to make an appearance at some point.

If you are new to the show we would describe it as the all drag version of America’s next top model.

Prepare to be entertained and see why this has become such a phenomenon.

13) Bonding

best gay tv series netflix

If you are looking for something short and kinky look no further.

Bonding is a mini series of short ten-minute comedy episodes delving into the world of BDSM, fetish and kink.

The series follows a graduate student Tiff who works as a part time dominatrix.

When she comes back into contact with her high school friend Pete, a recently out gay man, she employees him as her dogsbody cleaning up many of the messes that ensue.

14) Riverdale

best ga tv shows on netflix right now

Riverdale is a glossy high school drama following main character Archie and his friends through the  mysteries and scandals of Riverdale.

The seasons see plenty of LGBTQ+ characters come and go dealing with different storylines and topics.

15) Hollywood

netflix gay

Ryan Murphy strikes again with another incredible series focused on the early days in the film industry of Hollywood when raciടm, homophobia and sexism were rife.

As usual, it’s great to see so many LGBTQ+ characters brought to life in realistic and relatable ways.

This one will have you glued to the screen and features the likes of Darren Criss, Jim Parsons and Patti LuPone to name a few. 

16) Dynasty

gay tv shows on netflix list

One of our all time favorite TV series on Netflix with gay characters is Dynasty.

Absolutely hilarious and binge worthy, Dynasty is a remake of the 1981 series of the same name. 

For some over the top comedy, drama, a great cast and one of the hottest on screen gay couples, make sure you watch dynasty.

17) Ratched

Anything that Ryan Murphy touches is normally gold and Ratched is no different.

Based on the character of Nurse Ratched from ‘One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest’, Ratched is akin to the likes of American Horror Story in terms of shock horror and cinematography.

In terms of LGBTQ+ representation, there is plenty throughout including Nurse Ratched herself.

18) Schitts Creek

schitts creek on netflix gay tv shows list

When it comes to comedy, Schitts Creek has to be in out top 5 – and that’s just for the characterof Moira alone.

After being recommended this tv show many times, we finally watched it and could not stop.

With short c25 minute episodes, Schitts Creek follow the Rose family’s fall from wealth as they end up in the ugly, tiny town of Schitts Creek.

With barrels of laughs throughout and a beautiful love story between one of the main characters David and Patrick (which brought a tear to our eyes), it’s no surprise Schitts Creek has now won many awards!

19) Toy Boy

gay tv shows online toy boy

Another incredible and hugely successful Spanish series on Netflix is Toy Boy.

After waking on his boat to a the burning body, male stripper Hugo is imprisoned…

Like any good crime thriller, all is not what it seems and Toy Boy take us on a hot and drama fueled mystery tour of Marbella with twists, turns and suspense at every corner! A must watch!

20) Banana

Channel 4s Banana is now on Netflix and if you don’t know who Russell T Davies is, he is a trailblazer in LGBTQ television.

Banana is a series focusing on a number of  different LGBTQ+ characters in our hometown of Manchester, including some I am sure we have all met in real life.

Witty, irreverent and drama filled, the series was nominated for the GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding TV Movie or Limited Series.

21) The 100

gay tv shows list online the 100

One of our all time favorite TV series EVER.

The 100 is a futuristic sci-fy drama which follows 100 young people sent down to Earth following a nuclear apocalypse to find out whether life can resume again.

Each episode is cinema worthy and from start to finish, every season ends of a jaw dropping cliffhanger leaving you wanting more – which it delivers time and time again.

With plenty of LGBTQ+ representation throughout all seasons, and one of the best storylines ever, we can not recommend this enough!

More Gay TV Shows on Netflix

The above list is based on the gay TV shows we have personally watched; however the list goes on and on.

Netflix is doing an incredible job in terms of LGBTQ+ representation.

For more binge worthy inspiration, check out the following TV series’ featuring LGBTQ+ characters and themes which we are yet to watch:

  • Gameboys: Level Up Edition
  • Tales of the City
  • The Politician
  • Eastsiders
  • Sense 8
  • Orange is the new black
  • Special
  • House of Flowers
  • Grace and Frankie
  • The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

We want to keep this list growing, let us know the most up to date TV shows we should add.

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You missed Star Trek: Discovery. The scientist/navigator Lt Stamets and the ship doctor Dr Hugh Colber is in a long term inter racial gay relationship. In the last series they also become parents. Not only representative with regard to race and LGBT+ but also both characters have strong Non traditional careers in science and medicine: LGBT+ representation in Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine = PRIDE in STEM