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Gifts For Gays: Christmas Edition!

If like us, you find it increasingly hard to buy for your partner at Christmas then check out our ‘Gifts for Gays’ Christmas list below!

We’ve picked out some of our personal favourite brands that we have used over the years, thrown in some novelty ho ho homo gift ideas and of course we had to put in some cheeky items in to the mix! Who wants to be on the ‘nice’ list after all?

Hopefully you get some inspiration! 

gifts for gays christmas

Gifts for Gays: Christmas Ho Ho Homo Edition

Grooming Products Fit for a Grinch

Daimon Barber

Daimon Barber is a new brand and we have been testing out their entire range over the last 6 months.

Everything we have used has felt like its own spa treatment – we have loved everything we have used especially the Face Serum and the Beard and Stubble Softener.

Philips Bodygroomer

These have always been a staple in our toiletry bag over the years especially when we travel.

We much prefer using these compared to shaving because they don’t give us ingrowing hairs!

BluMaan Hair Products

We’ve been using BluMaan since the start of the year and I (Sion) am very precious about what products I use!

We have tried the whole range and all have been great, in particular we really like the Monarch Matte Paste.

BluMaan also ran a campaign and raised money for an LGBTQ charity this pride season which was great to see.

Menaji Anti Shine Powder

We have never spent a lot of time using make up but have always used a bit of anti shine powder to get rid of redness, add a bit of colour and stop the sweat shining through, especially in hot countries.

This has been our go to so far!

Eleventh Hour by Byredo

We first picked this up on a trip to Stockholm and immediately fell in love with the brand and the scent.

Byredo is a designer brand and focused on unisex fragrances – this was our favorite.

Winter Clothing

Timberland 6” Boot

The original and iconic Timberland 6” boot is ideal for winter and we have always loved the look.

Our favourite colours are black and wheat.

Canada Goose Parka

 We live in the UK and in winter is it freezing!

Canada Goose is known for being one of the warmest and best insulating jackets you can buy.

This is definitely on our Xmas list!

UGG Slipper

Since we are permanently indoors at the moment we are spending 99% of our time in slippers and a dressing gown.

If you want something warm and cosy, check out these UGGs!

HO HO HOMO Xmas Jumper

How could we not include this? Yes it’s a cheap novelty jumper but it definitely brought a smile to our face and we would 100% wear it!

Home Decor

My Picture Prints

We bought our first house this year and have been wanting to add some personal touches! We had some of our favorite memories printed by My Picture and think they look great.

Use the code THEGLOBETROTTERGUYS for an extra 20% of their prices or visit to automatically get the discount.

The Naughty List!

Sexy Santa Underwear

Get yourself on the naughty list and give your partner a laugh with these!

This Bulb is not for the Tree!

We don’t need to say anything, may your Christmas be full of romance…

Other Ideas

Attitude Magazine Subscription

This is our number one gay lifestyle magazine! If you have not read it they offer huge discounts when you subscribe compared to the cover price.

Gay Books and Stories

Check out our list of Gay Books and Stories for some ideas including the ‘Little Book of Pride’ and for all your young family members we highly recommend getting one of the educational LGBTQ+ books written by Olly Pike such as ‘The Prince and the Frog”.

Underwear and Swimwear

We have a full list of all our favourite underwear and swimwear brands here.

Gay Clothing Brands

And here you will find a full list of our top clothing brands aimed at the gay male market.

Hope you found that a bit of fun and maybe got some new ideas!

Note:  This post has affiliate links for some products. You won’t get charged any extra for using the link but we will receive a small commission for each referral. Please note, all opinions are still our own. You are not obligated to use the links but we appreciate it if you do. Thanks.

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