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10 Amazing LGBTQ Family Blogs & Instagrammers

Representation is paramount in all shapes and forms.

Whilst many TV shows and films are becoming better as representing the LGBTQ spectrum, one demographic that we really want to see more of is LGBTQ families aka rainbow families.

Whilst the media portrayal does a great job in shows like Modern Family, these feel a little far and few between.

Equally when I log on to Instagram, most LGBTQ content that I see is stereotypically hot gay guys, rarely do I see a LGBTQ family unit and whilst the hot guys are great to see, seeing LGBTQ families always warms my heart.

So to break the algorithm we wanted to share with you our favourite, adorable and inspiring LGBTQ family blogs and Instagram accounts, make sure you follow them and show then some love.

LGBTQ Family Blogs and Instagram Accounts

The Lincoln Shaws

LGBTQ Family Blogs and Instagram Accounts

Darren, Tim and Leo open their Instagram statement with a quote we love, ‘two dads are better than none’ – we could not agree more.

They are an award winning blog covering everything about fatherhood, their adoption journey and everything they get up to as a family.

We recently talked to them about being out in public holding hands with your partner and how this can be a huge challenge – great content and discussions.

Instagram @thelincolnshaws

Les Be Mums

LGBTQ Family Blogs and Instagram Accounts

UK based Kate and Sharon run the award winning LGBTQ family blog, Les Be Mums.

The use their blog to share their journey to parenthood as well as their travels, issues they face as an LGBTQ family and more.

Instagram @lesbemums

Terrell and Jarius

LGBTQ Family Blogs and Instagram Accounts

These gay dads post the most adorable family content with their kids and share their family stories.

They also have a hilarious Tik Tok account. Simply heart-warming.

Instagram @terrellandjarius

Dad n Daddies

LGBTQ Family Blogs and Instagram Accounts

Devon Gibby of Dad n Daddies runs this Instagram account focusing on co-parenting, travel and #DADvocacy.

Make sure you follow them for all the feels.

Instagram @dadndaddies

Dustin Patrick Smith & Burton Buffaloe

LGBTQ Family Blogs and Instagram Accounts

Dad bloggers Dustin and Burton are blessed with twins.

They run a very popular and cute Instagram account and YouTube channel where they talk about everything from surrogacy, day in their life as Dads and more.

Instagram @dustin_patrick_smith

Daddy Papa and Me make 3

LGBTQ Family Blogs and Instagram Accounts

Justin and Mo describe themselves as two gay dads with a strong and silly five year old.

They love to share their family adventures and have the cutest family pics.

Instagram @daddy_papa_and_me_make3

My Two Mums

LGBTQ Family Blogs and Instagram Accounts

My Two Mums is an award-winning LGBT lifestyle blog about life, love and adventure.

They share their many adventures they encounter as two mums to a beautiful little boy born in 2012.

Instagram @mytwomums

The Trans Dad

LGBTQ Family Blogs and Instagram Accounts

Kristin aka Kris runs ‘The Trans Dad’, a dad sharing his experiences and building awareness about all types of families.

From setting up their nursery to facing daily struggles being LGBTQ parents, there is a lot to learn from this blog!

Instagram @thetransdad

Daddy and Dad

LGBTQ Family Blogs and Instagram Accounts

Heading to the UK, Daddy and Dad are two Dads, two boys and one blog.

They run a blog which also features tons of LGBTQ families, Instagram and a YouTube channel for their Daddy and Pals show.

Instagram @daddyanddad

The Travelling Gays

During early 2021 Sanjay and Doug got to see the scan of their baby and will become parents very soon!

We have followed these guys for a long time for their amazing travels and look forward to seeing them take on a completely new and different adventure as parents.

Instagram @thetravellinggays

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