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Top 10 Gay Travel Bloggers Championing LGBTQ Travel

During our first two years on the road as The Globetrotter Guys we have been lucky enough to meet some incredibly talented and awesome LGBTQ+ and gay travel bloggers like ourselves along the way!

Before we set up our own gay travel blog, we always found these LGBTQ+ blogs an indispensable resource. There are so many extra questions when it comes to travelling as an LGBTQ+ person; could we hold hands, be affectionate with each other and in some places would we even be safe?

These are exactly the questions that we and all these LGBTQ+ blogs are tackling and trying to answer to make sure that you get to explore as much of the world as possible while keeping safe and having the best time.

There are many more LGBTQ+ travel blogs beyond this list so we are only including ones we have met in person or have spoken with online. We will keep adding more as time goes on.

Let’s get started (in no particular order)!

The Globetrotter Guys

It would be rude not to introduce ourselves first, right?

We are Sion and Ben, a gay married couple from the UK who travel full time to document the best in gay travel, luxury and adventure.

We aim to give in depth gay guides to destinations, showcase the best gay friendly hotels, businesses, brands and shout about all the great gay prides and events happening across the world!

We also try and dig a little deeper into the destinations we visit to connect with the locals and learn more about what gay life is like beyond the tourist bubble – sometimes what we learn is very surprising!

We hope to inspire, educate, promote safety and get more LGBTQ+ people travelling!

Take a look around the rest of our website and check out our Instagram account here.

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Nomadic Boys

The Nomadic Boys have been going for years and are one of the gay travel blogs that inspired us in the first place!

The have travelled extensively and have a wealth of content on many destinations. They have even documented some places where you might not think gay travel is safe at all.

Check them out at

lgbt travel blogger and gay travel bloggers


Couple of Men

We had been following Couple of Mens journey for a while and then managed to bump into them during Chicago Pride!

Couple of Men is run by Karl and Daan, a German-Dutch gay travel blogger couple based in the Netherlands, Amsterdam. Their blogs follows their exciting journeys all over the world!

Take a look here at

lgbt travel blogger and gay travel bloggers

Once Upon a Journey

Once Upon a Journey is a lesbian travel blog by Roxanne and Maartje from the Netherlands.

The write all about their travels as a lesbian couple on their blog, but what we love the most is their photography! Make sure to head over to their Instagram as it is amazing!

They have also started a YouTube channel recently if you want to check out their videos.

See more at

lgbt travel blogger and gay travel bloggers


What Wegan Did Next

Megan and Whitney (Wegan) are also based in the UK and we met them this year in Chicago.

They do some amazing vlogs on YouTube and initially decided to document their story due to the lack of visible lesbian role models, in particular femme/ lipstick lesbians. We are also seriously in love with their aesthetic!

Find out more at

lgbt travel blogger and gay travel bloggers

Out with Ryan

Ryan is another Canadian blogger who we love for his bright, fun style of photos, his sass and his videos on YouTube.

Ryan is an LGBTQ+ Activist & Travel writer who also keeps very up to date with LGBTQ politics posting about things like Taiwan becoming the first Asian country to legalise same sex marriage!

See more at

lgbt travel blogger and gay travel bloggers

Dopes on the Road

This is the one of the top lesbian travel blog out there run by Lindsay Cale. 

DotR is meant to be a space on the internet for LGBT people to find resources for travel. DotR is aiming to inspire others to have adventures in everyday life without sugar-coating the reality of traveling as an LGBT person.

Check out DotR at

Asian Maple Leaf

For travel, lifestyle and food head over to  which is run Barry who is a Canadian living in New York.

Make sure to also check out his Instagram account for lots of incredible photography!


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Two Bad Tourists

Two Bad Tourists is run by Auston and David. We met with Auston during our time living in Madrid which is where they are now based.

We love their content on gay pride and events around the world and they also have lots of content on gay vacations and group trips you can join!

Take a look at

lgbt travel blogger and gay travel bloggers

The Gay Globetrotter

The Gay Globetrotter is run by Bailey from Canada who we also met on our trip to Stockholm!

Bailey splits his blog between travel and food so if you want some good recipes and travel tips, head over to

lgbt travel blogger and gay travel bloggers

Bonus Gay Travel Blog: Mr Hudson Explores

If you are looking for gay travel advice and guides focused on travelling in style then this could be the one for you.

Head over to and get inspired for your next gay travel trip!

We will keep adding on more gay and LGBTQ+ travel bloggers as we meet them and cross paths through our travels! Make sure you go and follow everyone in this list and show them your support! 

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