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Where next for LGBTQ+ Travelers? 2021 Bucket List

Travel may well be on hold and we have to be patient – but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream or get inspired for the future! 

In fact, there has long been anecdotal evidence suggesting that as a population, LGBTQ+ travelers will be amongst the first to travel again when it is safe to do so.

To investigate this claim further and obtain some numbers to back this up, the IGLTA (International LGBTQ+ Travel Association) conducted a survey (April/May 2020) of 15,000 LGBTQ+ travellers to see what their attitude to travel will be when the current situation eases.

The findings were insightful to say the least. Our key takeaways are:

  • 66% will feel comfortable to travel again before the end of 2020
  • 46% will not change where they travel to
  • 29% expect to travel internationally in the next 6 months
  • See the full press release here.

Like many respondents in this survey, when we get the green light we will be straight on the next flight.

We asked other LGBTQ+ travel bloggers from around the world what their number one destination will be in the future. If you are looking for an LGBTQ+ travel bucket-list for 2021, this could be it! [no_toc]

LGBTQ+ Travel in 2021 – Where to next?

The Globetrotter Guys – us!

Gay travel 2021

We are lucky enough to currently live in the countryside in the UK with plenty of space to go for long walks outdoors – however we can not wait to travel internationally again!

Sion: ”One of the best experiences in my life to date has been learning to dive in Thailand, it is simply magical. My number one destination for 2021 therefore has to be the Galapagos Islands. The diving opportunities there look incredible and albeit scary, I really want to dive and see hammerhead sharks! 

We have also been watching a TV series on the Galapagos Islands at the moment, they are fascinating and unlike anywhere else in the world!”

Ben: ”We have always talked about going to Antarctica and it seems that the more you talk about something the more you see it! We were on a call this week with someone who told their story of their time in Antarctica and now we are itching to go more than ever! It would be one of the most incredible adventures we can imagine and a once in a lifetime experience”.

Michael and Matt

Gay travel 2021

Out of all the places in the world, no place makes us more excited to see than India.

We’ve all heard about the mystifying experiences of those who travel to India for the first time…but to us it just feels like the farthest place from home we could possibly go. Quite literally, from where we’re at in the world, it is on the exact opposite side of the world!

It’s just one of the regions in the world you really have to see at least once in your life, and we hope we get the opportunity and time to go!

You can see more from Michael and Matt at

Charlotte and Natalie of Our Taste for Life

Charlotte and Natalie

Our number one travel destination for 2021 is Peru.

It’s been at the top of our bucket list for quite some time, and we feel like 2021 is the year to make it happen.

 The number 1 thing that attracts us to Peru is the diversity in landscapes.  From tremendous mountain ranges and rugged coastlines to mystic deserts and sweeping jungles, adventure awaits at every turn.

Not only that but Peru’s rich and cultural heritage is truly fascinating, with several archaeological sites steeped in mystery and unanswered questions.  We can’t wait to make our dream of visiting Peru come true.    

See more of Charlotte and Natalie at or on their Instagram.

Jeff Perla of The Travelin Bum

LGBTQ travel 2021

Being in q*arantine has given me a lot of time to ponder what I have left to accomplish in my life. Things I want to do, things I want to see, and I think a sense of reality sets in once you are told you can no longer leave.

I realized I have visited 5 of the 7 continents. I would like to hit all 7 before I turn 30 and I am 27 right now.

One trip I really would like to go on is to explore South Africa. Who wouldn’t want to experience the LGBTQ community in Cape Town, or travel to Johannesburg?

There are numerous safaris and reservations available just 3 hours outside the major city of Johannesburg. South Africa has a lot to offer and I think this will be an amazing q*arantine reward trip.

If I can make it work I also have been doing a lot of research on Antarctica. Although you cannot directly fly to Antarctica, there are numerous cruises that make pit stops around the continent. They allow you to see penguins, go hiking around  the Antarctic Peninsula, and even go kayaking.

Cruises range from 11 days – 21 days leaving out of Ushuaia, Argentina.

Ships need to sail through the Drake Passage which has been known for being unpredictable weather wise. I’d be lying if I said that part didn’t scare me a little bit because I get very seasick but hey, it’s all part of the adventure. 

See more from Jeff @thetravelinbum on Instagram.

Meg Ten Eyck

LGBTQ travel 2021

I really want to see the ancient city of Petra in Jordan. It’s been at the top of my list for a long time. It’s this magical city ruins in the deserts of Jordan surrounded by rolling sand dunes. It looks like something straight out of a movie. I can’t wait to make it there in 2021. 

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Chiel and Michele of Pineapple Monkeys

LGBTQ travel 2021

Our favorite place to travel in 2021 for us will be Marrakesh!

We are so excited to see and witness this spiritual flair this city seems to have ! We have heard so many nice and positive experiences about this city so we can’t wait to finally get there!

See more from Chiel and Michele on their travel blog Pineapple Monkeys.

Ivan of Traveling IQ

LGBTQ travel 2021

Wow, that’s like Sophie’s Choice! I love so many destinations! But definitely one place I’m eager to visit again is Merida, Mexico.

As the capital and largest city of the Yucatan State, Merida is definitely the LGBTQ center for the state and, I think, has the potential to become a new gay hotspot in Mexico.

In 2019 (when I visited), tourism partners in the state had begun working with IGLTA to promote Merida to the LGBTQ community. So, it will be interesting to track how this trend evolves.

Already, the city is very open and friendly and has a fun gay scene.

Over the weekend I visited, I attended a ball, a gay cantina and a stripper bar (ok more than one stripper bar but who’s counting).

For a smaller city it’s surprisingly diverse. It’s also a great spot from which you can explore the rest of the state, which has some of the world’s best Mayan archeological sites. Plus, apparently, they have gorgeous beaches less than an hour’s drive from Merida which I didn’t have time to see.

So in 2021, I’m hitting Merida and adding a beach-vacation component to my trip.

Visit the website and follow IQ’s travels on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Whitney and Megan of What Wegan Did Next

LGBTQ travel 2021

We can’t wait to return to Hawaii! It’s such a special place to us.

Whitney used to live on Oahu and we did long distance between the UK and Hawaii for 4 years. We got engaged on Oahu and also had our honeymoon on Maui.

Now that we live together in the UK, we try to visit every couple of years. We can’t wait to be back on our favourite beach, and to feel the Aloha spirit!

See more from Megan and Whitney @whatwegandidnext and Youtube.

Karl and Daan of Couple of Men

LGBTQ travel 2021

Japan, definitely Japan!

We have been there five years ago and actually planned a trip again in 2020. But due to the travel bans and restrictions, we had to postpone it and focus instead on our LGBT travel couples campaign.

The vibrant capital city of Tokyo is thereby on top of our list, again! As a part of our first trip to the Asian country, we did a one week pilgrimage around the beautiful Japanese mountains of Wakayama along the Kumano Kodo visiting Mount Koya in Koyasan. But there is so much more nature and history to discover. We really appreciate the calm atmosphere and the polite Japanese people.

On the contrary, Japan has some of the best theme parks in the world next to our all-time favorite Disney Seas in Tokyo!

We also see that Japan is on a good way regarding LGBT equality with first projects and campaigns. It’s time for us to bring more of that to Japan and back on our blog to you!

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Stefan and Sebastien of Nomadic Boys

LGBT travel 2021

The number 1 place I want to go to in 2021 is Antarctica. I have always wanted to visit the 7th continent, it is a place that has fascinated me since I was little. Did you know there is even a post office there, a Wells Fargo ATM and even has its own flag!

For Seby, he just wants to sit on a secluded tropical beach in the middle of the Indian Ocean like The Seychelles!

You can follow Stefan and Sebastien at

Jenna Howieson of The Jenna Way

LGBT travel 2021

As someone who is sun obsessed and Scottish, I cannot wait to get back to the beach! So I’ll be visiting somewhere hot in 2021 for sure!

I recently got my PADI Open Water diving certificate in Brazil, so I would love to return to South America for some more diving.

I love a mixture of adventure and relaxing when I travel, so I think Costa Rica would be the perfect combination. Costa Rica has some amazing dive sites, gorgeous beaches and plenty of adventurous zip lining.

My girlfriend’s bucket list destination is the Galapagos islands, so perhaps we can combine to two on a mega-trip to make up for being home all of this year!

Find Jenna on Instagram @TheJennaWay or on her blog

Roxanne and Maartje of Once Upon a Journey

LGBTQ Travel bucket list 2021


Iceland! We are looking forward going to Iceland for a long time.

On social media we always see the most stunning pictures of Iceland and that makes us so excited to go there. Plus it’s very LGBTQ+ friendly!

We especially want to go there next year, as we have the feeling we will spend a lot of time in the city this year (as we live in Amsterdam). Iceland is the perfect country to go out and explore nature.

Of course, in the Netherlands you can also go and explore nature, but it’s simply not as impressive as in Iceland. 

Visit their website and Instagram to see more from Once Upon a Journey.

Ravi Round The World

gay travel in 2021

Everywhere lol.

This year the IGLTA convention was supposed to happen in Milan. I have never been to Italy and IGLTA is so near and dear to me as a gay travel guru. I would love to kick it in Milan then do a backpacking trip around Italy.

I love italian food and men so like I WILL BE IN HEAVEN. I am also wanting to visit Iceland as the sites are breathtaking.

Follow Ravi’s Journey on Insta & TikTok @RaviRoundTheWorld and check out his gay travel Vlogs on

Gabi and Shanna of 27 Travels

gay travel in 2021

Our #1 travel destination for 2021 is Portugal!

We were supposed to go last month to celebrate Shanna’s birthday, but because of the situation we obviously had to cancel our trip. We can’t wait till this is all over so we can finally get to explore Portugal! We have heard such great things about it as a country and have so many amazing recommendations we need to try out!

Follow Gabi and Shanna at or on Instagram @27travels

Jan and Eric of Couple Miles to Go

idaho day

Our number 1 place we want to travel in 2021 is definitely Mexico!

Actually it’s our dream destination for our honeymoon. We’ve never been there, but we heard so many good things from friends and colleagues.

Scrolling through Instagram Mexico seems like magical place with amazing food, interesting architecture and lots of sunshine.

It also would be the first time for Eric to leave Europe, so he can’t wait for this very big journey to happen.

See more of Jan and Eric at

Joey Amato of Pride Journeys

what does idahobit mean

I am really looking forward to visiting Sweden.

It’s one of my favourite countries in the world. The last time I was there was close to a decade ago, so I am long overdue for a visit.

There was something magical about Stockholm that I can’t put into words. It was an experience I will truly never forget.

 See more from Joey on Facebook: @pridejourneys or Instagram: @joeyamato_33 

I don’t know about you, but we are more inspired and more excited than ever to travel in the future! This makes for some serious bucket-list goals! Where will you travel next?

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