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10 Real Life Gay Love Stories

When we were growing up there were few (if any) gay love stories around for us to be exposed to, whether in real life,  on TV, or anywhere else in the media.

We would have absolutely loved to have been able to learn that gay love stories do exist and that gay relationships and gay romance could be real, true and loving.

That’s why in this blog post we wanted to share some real-life gay love stories from some of our followers on Instagram in the hope that we can spread the message that love really is for all. [no_toc]

Real Life Gay Love Stories

Branden and Stephen

real life gay love stories

Our first gay love story is from Branden and Stephen:

‘It was 2009, Branden was in the closet, looking to find a relationship on an online dating site; Stephen, also seeking a relationship replied.

We talked online for several days, then we finally made the leap to meet in person.

Our first date was at a local brewery where we talked for hours and played pool. We hit it off immediately, both growing up in the rural parts of Alberta and this being our first gay relationship, we had so much in common.

Fast forward a month and we became “official” boyfriends. We were head over heels for each other.

We had opposite shift-work schedules, Branden would drive an hour just to see Stephen briefly before he began his shift at work.

Over the first year Stephen, newly out of the closet, supported Branden with his coming out journey. This experience strengthened our bond together.

Within a year, we moved in together and five years later we married with 150 of our closest family and friends present.

We have now been together for 12 years and counting. Our relationship has matured over time and we are excited for our future together and the experiences to come.”

@TheVisionaryHusbands (a.k.a. Branden and Stephen).

Hartmut and Luis

gay love story

My husband and I met in 1978 in Frankfurt, Germany.

I am German and was born in 1956, my spouse, Luis, was Spanish and born in 1945.

We lived in Frankfurt (not together but nearby) until 1990. Then Luis went to Spain and I stayed in Germany.

After 12 year together we decided to pause our relationship. But just at this point Luis contracted on lymphatic cancer and later on they detected a HIV-infection.

As a result, we started our relationship up again and bought a flat in Mallorca, but as I had a good job in Germany I remained there until 2002. I used every opportunity to go to the island to visit.

In 2002 I quit my job and moved to Mallorca to be with Luis and started working in a hotel.

Finally, in 2017 we married, bought a new flat and all could have finished like a fairy tale.

However, this was not to be: in November 2018 Luis contracted liver cancer and passedon 28th of January 2019. He was my only true love of my life. 

Arif and Ricky

true gay love story

It might have been chocolate, but the truth is that we don’t remember the flavour of the ice-cream that melted our lives in one forever.

We used to work in the West End as Front of House. And although we worked within the same theatre company, we were based in different venues. 

As a reward for his excellent customer service, Arif was nominated as a ‘Mystery Shopper’. He was gifted a night out at the theatre, to another venue. As part of this, he had to evaluate the theatre and its staff, choosing a winner, who would, in turn, become the next ‘Mystery Shopper’.

Mamma Mia’s interval was too short but long enough to witness the beginning of something beautiful. I, Arif, went looking to buy an ice-cream. That’s when I caught sight off and got lost in Ricky’s eyes. Suddenly nothing else mattered. 

Just three months after that magical encounter, my theatre was closed down for a couple of weeks, whilst they changed to a new play. Where was I sent to work in the meantime? Yes! You got it. Ricky’s theatre! It only took a couple of days for us to start flirting, and then for Ricky to kiss me in the changing room…

The rest is history, and here we are! Now, happier than ever, building our own Wonderland, and inspiring you to build yours!


Tash and Marthe

lesbian love story

I (Tash) am from the UK and Marthe is from Holland, but we met and fell in love at a surf retreat in Bali in Jan 2019. After spending 3 weeks together, we knew it was meant to be.

We arrived back in Europe and were in a long-distance relationship. This is when our blog ‘Breaking the Distance’ was created.

We would visit each other every 2-3 weeks for a couple of days, sharing our adventures on Instagram.

Eventually after 10 months, Marthe moved to the UK and we finally ‘Broke the Distance’.

The following year, we went back to Bali, to the very place where we met and on our 1 year anniversary, Marthe proposed!!!

Of course I said ‘YES’, and I proposed to Marthe in September 2020.

We have been on an incredible journey so far, and our relationship has already had to withstand so much, this is how we know that nothing can break us apart. Marthe will forever be, My Valentine.

Dan and Chris

real gay love stories

We’ve decided to share our gay love story as we have both said we would have loved to read real life gay love stories when we were growing up……

Monday 12th January 2009. A fresh faced 21-year-old me (Dan) heads out with a group of friends to Queens court in Leeds.

I’m upstairs when I glance over to the DJ booth and see a very attractive, 18 year old Chris, he catches me looking and looks back, this continues for most of the night.

It gets to closing and I’m ready to head home, but…I still haven’t spoken to Chris so, I go over to him, tell him how attractive I think he is and ask for his number which he shares, we have a kiss and I leave excited at knowing I will contact him in the not too distant future. 

The next few days we begin messaging about all sorts of things but mainly getting to know one another, its leading up to me asking Chris out on a “proper date” when the messages stop, no more replies, phones going straight to voicemail, nothing. I keep asking “Did I say something wrong” checking my texts over and over but can’t see anything, no reason for the sudden silence, so I begin to realise I’ve likely been ghosted! With this in mind I decide to go on another night out, this time heading to Mission nightclub.

As I walk in and head to the main dance area I see Chris, I can’t believe it, what do I do, should I say hi, should I leave as he clearly isn’t interested what with the silence, what do I do?

However, delighted at seeing me, he comes over and begins explaining that he’s so glad he’s seen me….he explains that he lost his phone and now has a new one but all numbers including mine had gone. it now makes sense, that’s why I’ve not heard from him!

However, I’m also thinking is it coincidence that he’s in the nightclub I have decided to visit or is it fate? 

Anyway we pick up where we left off, getting to know each other more, were chatting, dancing and having a great time, were getting on so well that what felt like only 5 minutes, was 5 hours and the lights came on in the club, it’s time for home, were both gutted but agree that we do want to see each other again so we exchange numbers for the 2nd time.

The following weeks and months consist of us chatting almost daily, meeting each other’s families, going on holiday and seeing each other regularly for drinks, meals, overnight stays and gradually building a relationship together, learning more about one another’s interests likes and dislikes.

At around 8 months I tell Chris I think I’ve fallen in love with him and he tells me the same, it’s at this point we start planning our future together. 

Fast forward 12 years later, 4 houses, numerous ups and downs like any other couple, countless holidays and 2 fur babies we are happily settled in our forever home, we have plans to take a year out in the not too distant future, but for now we are happy, healthy, very much in love and wouldn’t want it any other way.

Michele and Chiel

true gay love story

We first met on Instagram in Spring 2015.

We both uploaded dog photos at that time and so we started talking. We realized very quickly that there was a great attraction from both sides. 

What followed was a very difficult decision…we were both in committed relationships/married to women.

However, after our first meet up it was clear: we belong Together. We decided to leave are old lives behind and start a new one together!

Chiel moved at the beginning of 2016 from Holland to Germany. New language, new job, new family and new friends. But above all one thing: true love!

We got married in Holland in May 2017. An incredibly beautiful day. Perfect! We can really say this was one of the best days of our life!

Today we live together in the beautiful Westerwald in Germany. Hiking, traveling and  Finn (our dog) are our passions.

And yes, it sounds cheesy, but it does exist: real true love from the Internet.


Ludo and Chiara

lesbian love story

We are Ludo and Chiara, an Italian couple who have been together for almost 5 years.

When someone asks us, “who said I love you first?” we can’t help but laugh and we’ll tell you why!

We were dating for six months when I (Ludo) took a month-long trip to Argentina I had planned before we started dating. That month was an eternity for both of us, but it helped us admit for the first time that we were deeply in love with each other.

When I came back from my trip in Argentina, I made a stop in the city where Chiara was studying before returning home. We spent a few days together, just the two of us, and it was magical.

One night we were staring into each other’s eyes and we knew it was the right time to share our feelings.

So Chiara asked me: ‘Should I go first?’ she was panicking because she had never said those words to someone! ‘Can I say different words to express it? Something like: I like spring rolls very much’. I burst out laughing and said: ‘Oh, I love it!’.

Then I gained courage and broke the ice with a ‘Ti amo’. That’s when she said it back to me: ‘Ti amo. Aw, I can’t believe I said that’.

From that moment on, “I like spring rolls very much,“ became our personalized ‘I love you’ and this is why we laugh at that question every time!

See more over at our blog, Travelsfaction.

Steffen and Andrew

real life gay love story

We get asked about how we first met a lot. And we always look at each other and laugh before we start telling it because our first date is a pretty funny story. We went on a double date, but with different dates!

On March 10th, 2012 we both went out with our boyfriends at the time because they wanted to introduce us two their friends. So we sat across from each other at dinner, along with our boyfriends at the time. However, as the date ensued, we were both more interested in each other rather than our boyfriends. Of course, we didn’t say anything at that time. We were both just thinking it that night.

We immediately felt a connection between us after that dinner.. It took us a few weeks to figure out what that special feeling was, but we soon decided to leave our partners and start dating each other to see what this feeling was all about. It wasn’t long that we realized that we were in love. It was the start of something very special!

But it wasn’t the case that we immediately got together after leaving our partners. We had lots of dates and one night we went out and I (Steffen) lost my phone in a disco. I was at my ex boyfriends flat and he was at work when I woke up in the morning. I had no phone and didn’t know anyone in the city so I went on Facebook and texted Andrew. The Gentleman he is, he offered his help and we went back to the disco, and while the phone wasn’t there we connected and ended up at a beer festival having a great time. So I guess you can say I never found my iphone again but I found love.

We dated for at least two month. But I (Steffen) was very insecure about relationships at that time and wanted to wait. So Andrew gave me that time and I guess that made me feel safe. And soon enough we decided that we are perfect together. And now 8 years later it´s still perfect. We even got married and we will celebrate our 3. Wedding anniversary this year. But that is a different story.


gay love stories

I met my husband online back in December 2010, we hit it off on our first date (I showed up with shopping for Christmas dinner including a few choice cuts of meat only for him to remind me he is vegetarian). Needless to say we’ve laughed, fought, cried and loved each other ever since.

In 2012 I proposed in NYC on Brooklyn Bridge and we were married in the UK and South Africa in 2014/2015 respectively.

Together we have built a life full of support and love one we are incredibly proud of.

2020 saw us celebrate 10 years together and honestly I look forward to the next decade with the same joy and excitement.

Find our more about Duncan and his LGBTQ+ friendly travel business at

Sion and Ben

real gay love story

Our gay love story started back in 2007.

I (Sion) was not yet out but found myself ‘by accident’ with a group of friends at one of the best gay club nights in Manchester, Poptastic.

After many drinks I was feeling brave and on a mission to pull a cute guy. That’s when I saw Ben on his first ever night out in Manchester.

I remember seeing him stood at the bar and thinking ‘he’s short and cute to!’, so I beckoned him over and went in for the kiss….

Immediately after we met I went away for 6 weeks on holiday with some friends. Ben and I kept in contact throughout, frequently texting.

Finally, once I got back to the UK and started my second year of University Ben came to visit me in Manchester (he was living an hour away in Halifax) and sparks immediately flew!

After a couple more meeting and a very drunken night out in Blackpool we woke up hungover and I said ‘So are we boyfriends now then?’, the answer was of course ‘yes!’.

From then on we had a semi-long-distance relationship until my final year of University when Ben moved to Manchester and we got our first tiny flat together.

We quickly saved up and booked a one-way flight to Australia on a working holiday visa in 2011 followed by an epic trip around South East Asia before returning to Manchester.

Fast forward a few years and Ben swept me off my feet in New York with a surprise proposal followed by our wedding day in 2017!

In 2018 we set up this blog, The Globetrotter Guys, and set off on a two-year long adventure taking us all over the world.

We are now back in the UK and looking to buy our very first house together back in Manchester. The last 12 years have been a true gay love story for me and I look forward to many more years.


Gay Love Stories – Final Word

We hope that these gay love stories uplift, bring joy and hope. We can not express how incredible it would have been reading these stories when we younger – it would have felt amazing and we want to continue to spread the message of ‘love is love’ far and wide, no matter what form it comes in.