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Gay TikTok – 20 Must Follow Gay TikTokers of 2024

‘’Welcome to Gay TikTok!’’

This is the message that kept appearing all over my homepage from different gay TikTokers all over the world within a matter of days of using the app.

The TikTok algorithm had quickly outed me and sent me to the world of ‘gay TikTok’.

For those that have been living under a rock, TikTok has exploded over the past couple of years becoming one of the fasted growing social media platforms focused on short and often viral video clips.

It’s is fair to say people have needed an outlet for creativity and have been in dire need of entertainment – TikTok has delivered exactly that and there are now so many incredible gay TikTok influencers to follow. [no_toc]

But what is gay TikTok?

What is Gay TikTok?

The term ‘gay TikTok’ came along as a bit of a joke coined by gay TikTokers.

After liking lots of LGBTQ content from gay TikTokers all over the world, the algorithm quickly turned my homepage into a rainbow of different LGBTQ users.

My feed blew up with comedic LGBTQ content, some incredible LGBTQ activism, a lot of hot guys dancing (no surprise there!), Ariana Grande skits and one of the most popular things in my feed was cute gay TikTok couples –  the message was loud and clear ‘Welcome to Gay TikTok’.

A lot of gay TikTokers poke fun at this saying they accidently found themselves in ‘Straight TikTok’ and need to get back to ‘Gay TikTok’ asap, just like Joe below!

Lets take a look at some of the gay TikTokers that we love to follow and recommend you follow right now!

Our Top 20 Gay TikTokers

There are millions of gay TikTokers or gay TikTok influncers out there creating the beautiful world of gay TikTok. Here are some of our personal favourites.

Joe @journeybyjoe

gay tiktok and gay tiktokers to follow

One of the gay TikTokers that introduced us to the concept of Gay TikTok.

Joe posts lots of entertaining content including the likes of ‘It took me 19 years to realise I was gay and only 19 minutes for the TikTok algorithm’ and ‘seeing cute gay couples in public…’

Terrell and Jarius @terrell.and.jarius

gay tiktok and gay tiktokers to follow

These gay dads post the most adorable family content with their kids and share their family stories. Simply heart-warming.

Jay Hawkridge @jayhawkridge

gay tiktok and gay tiktokers to follow

We love this account for his frank, upfront, tongue in cheek and informative content on living with HIV.

Knowledge is paramount and with so many people being misinformed, accounts like this are amazing to see.

The tagline to his account is ‘Living with HIV, fighting stigma and breaking boundaries’.

Matt and Omar @matt_and_omar


Heading over to Canada and some of Canadas biggest gay TikTokers include couple Omar (from UK) and Matt (from USA). From queer kitchen to fashion, dad jokes and UK vs USA content these are a really cool and inspiring couple.

Sion and Ben @theglobetrotterguys

gay tiktok and gay tiktokers to follow

Well it would be rude not to introduce ourselves! We will be covering a bit of fun mixed in with some gay travel and lifestyle content! Let’s get creative!

Michael and Matt @michaelandmatt1

Michael and Matt are a gay US TikTok couple who are comedy gold!

They post everyday content and skits from their lives and love to wind each other up.

These guys are giving us serious gay couple goals vibes.

Rob Anderson @heartthrobert

gay tik tok blog

We follow Rob for his hilarious series on ‘Gay Science’ including ‘Why are gay men terrible drivers?’ and ‘Why do gay men colour their hair in a crisis?’ – always guarantees a smile.

Teejay Hughes @teejayhughes

gay tiktok

Your photographer big brother! Teejay is a pro with the camera and striking those perfectly natural poses – we are always taking inspiration from him!

Bryan Boy @bryanboy

lgbtq tiktok

With some of the world’s worst first world problems, check out Bryans satirical comedy video series’ ‘Today was the worst’ documenting the hardships of the wealthy and ‘Elevate Everyday’ where he takes everyday experiences and adds a bit of luxe.

Plastique Tiara @Plastique_tiara

lgbtq tiktok

Born and raised in Vietnam Plastique Tiara competed in RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11. Her transition videos are simply mesmerizing and as her bio says, this Queen never fails to prove that life in Plastique is always fantastique.

Chann Little @channdaily

lgbtq tiktok

Filling our feed with positivity and good vibes, this gay TikToker couple share their relationship journey as they look for a wedding venue and day to day life.

Nicky and Pierre @nickychampa and @itspierreboo

gay couples tik tok

This gay couple seem to have taken over TikTok and have amassed a huge following

Aaron Renfree @aaronrenfree

lgbtq tiktok

You might recognise Aaron from his days in S Club Juniors. He has since gone on to be a professional dancer and his TikTok dance videos are on fire!

Matthew and Ryan @matthewandryan

gay couples tik tok

Over here in the UK, gay TikTokers Matthew and Ryan have also exploded with over 3 million followers! They do a few different series including pranks, couple goals and ‘learn on TikTok’.

Gabi and Shanna @27travels


NYC based lesbian TikTokers Gabi and Shanna create lots of travel and LGBTQ content. Since travel has been off the menu for a while they have been sharing fun takes on their day to day lives.

Maartje @onceuponajrny


Creative LGBTQ travel and lifestyle content with some of the best photography around, highly recommend checking out Once Upon a Journey.

Uly and Ernesto @ulyandernesto

gay guys on tik tok

We have followed this gay TikTok couple on Instagram for a while but they have also amassed a good size following on TikTok simply by winding each other up and making fun light hearted content.

Mark Bittlestone @poofsrus

gay guys on tik tok

For some more gay comedy themed TikToks head over to @poofrus. We love how relatable his content is!

As TikTok continues to grow we hope you come and join us over at the world of Gay TikTok! See you there.

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